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Time to update folks.

Oh man... more good news.

I just got my daily Amazon "give us more money" email and with this one they might get some of it. Of note in this sale are two things I think I am going to get: 

During one part of this video, you will shout out "OMG!"

Okay... I call BS. This guy is not landing a plane at all. He's playing some sort of flying game.

Recently I just put in a BlueRay player into my PC. I never really watch movies on my PC as I can stream just about anything over the "Inter-Tubes" I would like to watch.

This is one of those problems you come across as a Windows Admin from time to time and have to fix. This is a terrific article for those who need a step-by-step on how to fix this issue in Windows 10.

After what I had to deal with when the Anniversary Edition came out, I think I'll wait on this one for a bit. Here's how to delay the "Creators Update" for up to four months (and longer if you use the REGHACK they show you).

Anyone still using Vista? Anyone?

So....let me get this straight. Two months with no patches THEN you release a 195+ MB Security patch that, so far, has bricked Microsoft Dynamics, and some Windows 10 systems. To top it off, you have now blocked Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 from receiving updates on newer processors. Is Al Capon now running the company? WoW!

After reading the article I noted that Microsoft is really starting to position Office 365 as a full SMB. Offering "Teams" as a "free" addition to an already existing subscription is VERY cool! 

Oh boy...this is getting bookmarked and added to the old One Note.

What have I said around here for years? Never buy a 1.0 product. Never.

Video below.

Translation: "'re fired." 

Come on now...who doesn't love some Wireshark in the morning?