summer 1 Summer is... the best...and the reason it's the best is....???? See here....

You might think 200.00 for a laptop hard drive is a bit ridicilious but you need to read the entire descrition as this is actually TWO hard drives in one: 

Hmmm... pretty cool utility kit you all might be interested in.

I believe every website has a list of "best FREE games..." as they believe they have the best list.

Damn nice router from what I just read.

I awoke this AM after a long winters nap... oh wait... wrong month...

Damn... nice board for the price. 

Google has reached a deal to acquire Twitch for $1 billion, according to a report from VentureBeat. The purchase is expected to be completed through the tech giant's YouTube division.

Hope I get cake today...
It is 25 July, and that means it's Systems Administrators Appreciation Day once more. Sysadmin Day is that one special day a year where syadmins the world over say to each other "Wow, I can't believe we all made it another year", and everyone else forgets that this has been a thing for 14 years.

Microsoft's Skype's Division has announced the latest version of its Android Skype client.

By now you all know I have been in this business for a LONG time (19 years... Jesus...) and have been running a version of this website for a LONG time.

Well hell yes!
For those that are still operating the unsupported Windows XP, there's good news. While Microsoft may be done helping to keep your system safe, third-party antivirus software are pulling in some overtime to make sure your systems are still protected from online threats.

I am RIGHT SMACK in the middle of studying for my Exchange 2013 exams (summer, news is slow... time to get a couple of new certs....) and one of the topics was using the ESEUTIL.

No Kidding... my cats might actually like this and your supporting a new company which might turn into a BIG company.

Didn't they already already try this? Windows 8? Ever heard of this OS?

Sure... why not. Hell, about now I'll take just about anything.

Hmmm... a dual core router with incrediable speed? Kinda like the one I already have... the Nightwawk from Netgear.

WOW! Almost makes you want to just close the lid on the laptop and call it a year.

The Asus ROG division is launching its Maximus VII Formula motherboard. This is the flagship Z97 motherboard from the ROG series of products, and comes with quite the hardware to back up that status.