Charlie-Brown-ThanksgivingThanksgiving is the best! Family, Friends, Food and Football! So sweet...

Okay... this is for my wife. DO NOT EMAIL ME AND TELL IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TECH! I am married. I have cats. I have a beautiful and wonderful wife (and no I have not been drinking... that much... yet..well.. lets say not enough to get a DUI.)

LOL... this is so mean. I love it.

Damn... no brainer... upgrading now.

And so... it starts...
The holidays are here and that means traveling and also spending time with lots of family. It’s a time when alcohol and family come together. When used in the correct situations alcohol can provide many benefits for these social settings.

Oh goodie... where was that "Black Friday Booze Sale" webpage again... have to find it.

Marcel sent in a terrific website which offers loads of FREE Outlook add-ins you can get!

I still haven't finished Far Cry 3! I'll wait for the Steam Sale Next year and then give it a shot.

The more I am using Windows 10, the more I like it. It's Windows 7 on steroids!

Hey, it's only available for 24 hours but those of you who have Skype and want to start recording some of them there calls might be interested in this.

I love jokes like these. I started in Tech Support and the old "NT" ones really get the nostalgia rolling.

So, I'm sitting here watching some football cruising the Inter-Webs and I happened across this article and I was like "say what!".

LOL... you have got to be... nope... Barbie I Can Be Computer Engineer Barbie Doll is still available on Amazon!

Wow... I just awoke from a long slumber (new medication I have to start taking) and as I rubbed my eyes and snapped open a Red Bull (I like the wings I get) and I happened across this really cool article.

Oh lord... really? I have to do this! REALLY!

Come and get it!

Folks, this is one of those updates you need to do as it has huge benefits across hardware, SSD, virtual machines, and security.