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Damn... really!

This video might be the best reason I have EVER heard about why we need Net Neutrality. 

Frank is the MAN! 

This is a terrific guide for anyone who is looking at upgrading their router to a new one.

Actually... some folks hate them! One guy says he stopped testing the OS BECAUSE of the icons. WOW! Really!

I put this up as I just read that Boston had 100in of snow this year so far! I bet they could use a good weather app!

3-2 was the vote.

Sounds terrific to me! Although, I don't use the service since uploading 50K of songs might take me to the end of my life span.

Sounds like Google Chrome will be the first browser to support the new protocol. Sweet...

I put these articles up as they allow you get a cheap but good pair of headphones on the cheap. Perfect for the gym crowd! 

Interesting article. I had no idea computer batteries also had firmware. 

Hmmm... sounds good.

Um... this is creepy... like really creepy...

I prefer Samsung SSD's but at the same time I'm open to a new SSD manufacturer especially if the price is right.

I went to burning man WAY back in the day. Still recovering...

I'm sorta looking forward to this.

SSL-Busting Code? Really? Good lord what in the hell are they doing over there!

I wonder if we can get a copy?