fall pic 2 trees1 Ahhhh... Fall is finally here! I see the leaves on my trees turning yellow. The air is not filled with vile humidity and I stopped sweating for the first time in three months today. Ahhhhh... Fall 

**Clear Throat** - Um... what did I say? Wait for the first service pack\update. Did I not say that?

Thanks to Selfman for letting me know about this!

Damn... these are coming down in price.

Udpated for those who know what the hell this is. 

NICE! Now all I need is a high-res screen!


And everyone thought Samsung was on crack when they introduced the "Note" line of phones. Now Apple (and others in the industry) are copying it and making **BANK** of it.

So, Windows 9 looks to be firming up and it might be time to start looking at what's "new" with the OS.

I just found out about the "pulsating attachment icon"! Holy crap that's cool!

Ya know what? Getting sick sucks!

OMG! Mister Torgue & Sir Hammerlock do about 10 minutes showing you all around and about the new Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.

I have read a few iOS 8 reviews but this one from the folks at Anand-Tech IS the best so far. VERY detailed and REALLY explains what has been updated and how/where you can see the changes.

OMG! I would have cried!
See the video below.

Here's the thing... I have been using my PC now for two years. Really solid i7 3930K CPU. A NVIDIA 690 (which STILL seems to kick-ass when it comes to games). RAID SSD's and a pair of WD 1GB RAID 0 drives for games.

We're all screwed!
Drivers in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and across the United States are alleging that the makers of guardrail terminals cut costs and inadvertently turned the safety devices into fatal implements in crashes.

A new show from the folks at CW. Looks pretty damn cool!

Ya know... there are times I am SO glad I left IBM.

A bug? NO APPLE! NO! You are GOD when it comes to Skittle colored items! It's not a bug but a...a...FEATURE! YES! A APPLE FEATURE!