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Need some help with Windows 10? Check out these forums! They might help!

Oh, I'm sure this will come in handy.

I have yet to install Windows 10 on my main system (I have it installed on my Lenovo Twist and so far, so good) but the "big boy" has no Windows 10 drivers available.

SWEET! Love me some office! don't use the old pen. Got it!

This is a really good article! Well detailed with helpful screenshots on how to disable certain "privacy fears!"

Not bad... not bad at all.

It's that time folks!

Let the fight begin...
Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) to climb even further on the rumored Titan Electric Vehicle project has now poached a Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) engineer to design an automobile even faster. According to a LinkedIn posting, the company has recruited one of the senior engineers at Tesla to develop an expert team of automobile engineers at the Apple, Inc. This shows how quickly Cupertino giant wants to create one of its self-driving vehicles.

It's been 20 years since the launch of Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system, which changed the way we interacted with computers. But what was it that was so special about the software and why all the upgrades over the years?

The human race is SO doomed!

Let me paint you a picture: you're on a train flying through the French countryside, having a couple of cocktails and just enjoying your day. All of the sudden crazy man gets up and starts to unload an AK47 into the train. What do YOU DO?

Well folks, it's here!

Is it me or does it sound like Windows 10 is now the new Internet cop? Personally I could care less but still, some stuff on my PC I prefer to stay mine.

Come and get it!

Okay... you have my attention.

Huh...pretty interesting.