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Need some help with Windows 10? Check out these forums! They might help!

Yeeeaaahhhh....I'm broke so...good luck to those who have cash left.

Hmmmm...some of these are worth reading before you upgrade. Could save you a BIG Headache.

DAMN! Why didn't I think of this?

Damn! Looks like AMD has some pretty cool stuff in this release.

Uh... I need nothing else. You?

Hmmm... some of them are the standard ones. Some of them are sorta new (Dark Theme) and one is an old favorite.

Oh boy! This year was even better than last! I mean, come snaked a product right out of a kids hands! You are SO LOW!

Hello All!
I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Damn...that's one hell of a flaw!

Oh come're going to read it.

Oh man... the Empire is going to be pissed!

Oh man... that sucks!

Uh-Oh...this might make some of the ADMINS at large companies (and small to medium also...) a bit cranky.

No joke folks! has this one sale for the next 12 hours only! That's 1TB of SSD MADNESS for under 200.00. DAMN! Again, this is good for 12 hours only!


If you need to create install media for the new Windows 10 Threshold, this is what you need to do it.

Well, it's finally here! Wireshark 2.0 has been released. FYI - if you're new to Wireshark or (like me) need a refresher in all Wireshark can do for you, you might want to check out a course over on Udemy where ALL the Wireshark courses are only 11.00 bucks each right now!

Well, like the article says... everyday for me is world toilet day.