mustang 2012 black-3
Well, it happend. I had to sell the Mustang. My medical condition has gotten worse and I could no longer drive her. She was a manual and I could no longer clutch the car. With that, if you think I was giving up on the Mustang you are wrong. Read more...



Some pretty cool apps here. I especially like the Invoice app!

I mention this as I have a pair and I paid more than this for them.

No kidding... I might... HA HA... na...just kidding... I have FIOS B****!

WHAT! I take this s*** like a crack head pops crack!

In the market for a new phone and are considering the new Galaxy S5? Might want to check out this review first (just in case...).

A REALLY solid and FREE Windows 8 Start Menu add-in for those of you who have Windows 8, are cheap (or frugal) and want the Windows 8 Start Menu back but think it should be provided by MS but is not at this time.

No s***!
Jason Wishnov, CEO, Founder and Lead Designer at Iridium Studios, recently sat down for a brief video interview in which he talked about Iridium’s new tactical war game titled “There Came An Echo”

Well, we are back!
I think you all know by now I have been down and out and just could not get to the podcasts over the weekend. I was either in bed, trying to recover from the week I had, or was I trying to buy a car I was not scared of driving.

Hey.. sure... why not. I'll try it!

It's EASTER! Start dipping!
See how below!

Damn... sounds like one I have to pick up!

Come and get it.
From the creator of PC virtualization comes the most reliable, secure way to run multiple operating systems at the same time.

No kidding..
Gaurav Sharma appeared relaxed but focused in his purple hoodie on Jan. 16, 2014. Less than 20 seconds later, Sharma, a 15-year-old from Lakeside High School in Seattle, found himself the owner of a Guinness World Record® for fastest text message using a touch-screen mobile phone.

Man... I have no idea what they were thinking.

You... pass me the bottle.
Experts have discovered another confirmed instance of cybercriminals using the Heartbleed bug. But this time was different: the bug exists on firmware that has to be replaced, not updated, and was used to break into a virtual private network (VPN), bypassing the network's multifactor authentication entirely.

Man I SO wish I could have gone!
The Mustang Club of America’s 4-day birthday celebration for the iconic ‘Stang entered its second day on Friday, with a heavy buzz about the Kona Blue “50th Anniversary Edition” Mustang GT that a few-hundred lucky enthusiasts got to see, in a celebrity-filled, special unveiling held on the Brooklyn Bridge, at New York, New York hotel and casino.

Huh... still not doing it.
Google is allowing potential Explorers to try Glass before they shell out the $1,500 to actually buy the device, according to a Reddit user by the name of clide.