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Wow! What a year so far.
I wanted to step in here and let you all know the site will be a bit slower than normal over the next couple of months.

There is no greater evidence of The Future of Computing than the big-screened smartphone. Big phones have become the de facto personal computers for many people, taking the place of countless devices, including laptops and tablets. They’ve become more than just phones in ways that smaller devices haven’t matched — research shows that owners of phablets use their devices a lot more than others.

Huh! Some pretty cool stuff you can do with it. I JUST installed it so I'm still playing around with it. Pretty damn cool! 

I just got my download and finished the install of the new Windows 10 Anniversary update. I wanted to check out the BASH stuff (I do fiddle with Linux) but alas, it was not where to be found! I searched for it in my Engineers Encyclopedia (Google) and found out out you had to install it.

I think most of you admin's know by now Windows 10 "Anniversary Editon" has removed some of the GP stuff you are use to setting via GP for PRO cleints. This page has all the udpates you need to know about and some helpful links you might need. 

So...the "Feature" referenced in the article was introduced WAY WAY back in Vista. Now it seems it's back in Windows 10 and some folks are complaining this is the cause of why Windows 10 can be so slow when moving around the old "inter-tubes". Eh... I've played with it on and off and to me it's not all that big a deal. BUT, for those who demand that Windows provide ALL the speed they paid for this might be something you want to check out. The cool thing about this is you can turn it off and on with relative ease so...ya know...that's cool and all. Just make sure you either bookmark the page OR make a little text file with the "on and off" commands. 

Now this will be helpful.

Ummmm...well that sucks! 

This actually made me laugh out loud. Not sure if it's just the end of a long week but I loved this one.

So...a patch can fix it? Huh. 

This is a VERY popular Linux distro from what I understand. I've tried it out in a VM. It's...Linux. 

Well now...I might be able to use this. I use Linux like...every...year.

Well now...this might help a few out. 

That's right folks! Today is Sys Admin Day.

So, some language in this video but well worth it in my opinion. This is hilarious! Check out the video below. 

I have no idea what Verizon is going to do with Yahoo but they now own it! 

SWEET! I can finally play a new version on my PC!