Charlie-Brown-ThanksgivingThanksgiving is the best! Family, Friends, Food and Football! So sweet...

Um... guys... you might have to patch.

Time to gear up folks!

If you have a Google account, and you love old school music... hey... you know me... I LOVE ME SOME FREE!

Oh I'm sure some of you might be interested in this.

No kidding...

Um... crap...

I might have to take a look!

If you are a small (and I mean small) business and need what a medium business has in-house or need to just be with others like yourself, this might be for you. I'm seriously considering joining as I have been thinking about getting my business off the ground myself but I need people around me who I can learn from. 

Is it me or do you all agree the new MS CEO is kicking a little ass?

Just so you all know, as soon as Windows 10 is released I will be installing it. This has the making of being the best OS Microsoft has produced since Windows 7. I kid you not! Stellar so far!

No s***! A free version of Visual Studio is JUST what I needed!

I know this is SO FAR out there when it comes to what this site is about that even I had to think about posting it but after I thought about it I thought..."damn... my wife and daughter would like this." So... maybe yours would also?

This is a terrific little utility for those who need a little bit more control when dealing with the built-in Windows Firewall.

Holy Crap!

I post this as, one: it's from Forbes and two: it seems Ubisoft is slowly turning into EA with the attitude of "get it out of the door and get the holiday dollars or your freaking fired! Screw the customer!"

I love little articles like this.

YES! Downloading now! 
You can check out this VERY COOL changelog here! Get all the updates in one place. 

14 huh... makes for a good, solid, download day!