mustang 2012 black-3
Well, it happend. I had to sell the Mustang. My medical condition has gotten worse and I could no longer drive her. She was a manual and I could no longer clutch the car. With that, if you think I was giving up on the Mustang you are wrong. Read more...


But instead of discovering a crime scene the officers found themselves caught up in a very high stakes prank.

I'm already on a first name basis with my UPS and Fedex man and this should just solidify that relationship. 

Surface 2 is YUMMY! Why just last night I had one... in my lap... and it was terrific!

Welp, it's that time. It's time to think about iOS 7.1.1.

Flippin Sexy!
The Weather Channel Interactive has just pushed the button on a brand new iOS 7 redesign for its free iPhone application. Besides launching an impressive new look, a selection of social features have also been added to the application, radar maps are faster, and navigation has been enhanced.

Hmmm... I'm ready now... LET'S GO!

Welcome back Mr. Start Menu.

Well I'll be spun like a monkey on a marry-go-round!

We've already been busy writing about the most compelling matchups of the upcoming season. Now, we get to find out when the games will occur.

Some people never learn: Polls show that Americans still view their homes as the best and safest place to invest their hard-earned cash.


Some pretty cool apps here. I especially like the Invoice app!

I mention this as I have a pair and I paid more than this for them.

No kidding... I might... HA HA... na...just kidding... I have FIOS B****!

WHAT! I take this s*** like a crack head pops crack!

In the market for a new phone and are considering the new Galaxy S5? Might want to check out this review first (just in case...).

A REALLY solid and FREE Windows 8 Start Menu add-in for those of you who have Windows 8, are cheap (or frugal) and want the Windows 8 Start Menu back but think it should be provided by MS but is not at this time.

No s***!
Jason Wishnov, CEO, Founder and Lead Designer at Iridium Studios, recently sat down for a brief video interview in which he talked about Iridium’s new tactical war game titled “There Came An Echo”