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So my bosses bossman introduced me to this router at our last jobsite. Most of the time when we go to a new project building there's nothing there for us to use. No router, no switches, no nothing. So, we have to kind of "backpack" in our own network and this'll bad boy does one hell of a job especially with it being under hundred bucks and, as I said, it fits right into one's backpack (actually it fits in the palm of your hand).

Well my geek juices just went NUTS!

How in the hell did I not know about these!

WOW! I'm getting in on this one. Hell, at the very least it will puff up the old resume!

Uh.. sorry Big Man! I am fully encrypted.

This CEO is a bit defiant but also seems to understand the nature of what the community wants. Or so I have to make up your own mind.

Now, I put this up because well... we have a lot of overseas folks who visit the site and I know they drink a lot of tea while we here in the States drink a lot of coffee and water. Well, my Daughter drinks tea... I drink tea when I have to (meaning NO coffee within 50 miles of me...) so... maybe... just maybe some of us here in the States need to read this also.

Huh.... no kidding...

I am SO watching this!

And I am a PRIME member! Sweet!

This is HUGE as it means the builds are far enough along to almost make them "gold". Sure, there will be some patching here and there for individual OEM's but that's a GOOD thing as it means the OEM's will start to finish up the drivers we all need!

OMG! OMG! This guy... well... you'll see... WOW!
Check out the video below.

The latest builds of Windows 10 have really started to show what it will be and I am telling you, this is the best OS MS has produced since Windows 7. I love it.

So, I put this up as my 401K took a bit of a beating with the Financial crisis here in the states and while it's recovered to a certain extent I could use all the advise I can get.

You have got to be kidding me!

I run ESET and I have noticed no slowdown.

MS has been rocking the builds lately! I'm still stuck at 3 releases back! Windows update be a bit slow!

Hmmm... 10 bucks? I might get in on that!