ios 8 broken corner small Thinking about updating to IOS 8? Getting "itchy" to pull the trigger? Well, you might be pulling the trigger on yourself! Read all about it over yonder!

Sweet I want..
The world has been awaiting a working hoverboard since 1989—a dream that one husband-and-wife team hope to realize by next year.

Ummm.... why?
Microsoft MSFT is gearing up to launch a wearable device within the next few weeks, Forbes has learned. The gadget is a smart watch that will passively track a wearer’s heart rate and work across different mobile platforms. It will also boast a battery life of more than two days of regular use, sources close to the project say.

About time they got the bookmarks in order!

So, some of us who "live in the edge" and use utilities we have trusted for like... ever... upgraded to the latest EVGA Precision X 16 (an EVGA video card voltage and speed utility) and it seems the install of the utility destroys the local arialbd.ttf font file forcing the browsers and some web based programs such as STEAM to use a different font! 

So a hunter gets a new gun one day and decides to go hunting with it. He goes out into the woods and stumbles upon a nice-sized black bear, so he takes his gun and shoots the bear dead. Then he feels a tap on his shoulder...

Eh... Nevermind. You probably won't get it.

Who all in Digital Land knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness month? Don’t worry I didn’t know that either until recently. I was also surprised to hear that more than 225,000 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. You hear about people getting the disease all the time, and never think you can be affected by it. 

Same price? You bet! Kinda stupid to raise the price.

WOW! What's BILLIONS between friends?

So let me get this straight... the reviewer says their is nothing "really new here" and "it's more Borderlands..." and that this is all a BAD thing!

You’re enjoying your weekend java, wanting to learn what happened at last week’s school board meeting. Your local newspaper doesn’t cover that beat, but a local blogger does a good job, so you try to pull his site up on your laptop. Meanwhile, your 5-year-old opens up “Sesame Street” on her iPad, and on his, your teenage son is bringing up “Spider-Man” on Netflix. You instantly hear the sounds of “Spider-Man,” but your daughter is getting impatient, as her show hasn’t yet appeared. In another minute, the “Sesame Street” theme song finally plays, but your school board blog still isn’t up. You get another cup of coffee and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, the site fills your screen.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been expected to reveal the details of some new vehicles for quite some time. Top of the priority list from the electric car manufacturer is the almost mythical Tesla Model D. No-one was quite certain what the D even stood for, we now know a great deal more about this important electric vehicle.

Some good tips here for those who own Small Businesses.

I SWEAR I thought Lotus 123 was dead like.... years ago!

I'm not sure this is the best thing for HP but when all else is exhausted to try this might be the only thing they have left.

Just F'ing GREAT!

Yep... sometimes when you win, you actually lose.

Well, YEAH! It's a preview and they need the feedback from devices, user input, etc... so they can make the product better and fix what's wrong with it.