summer 1 Summer is... the best...and the reason it's the best is....???? See here....

No Kidding... my cats might actually like this and your supporting a new company which might turn into a BIG company.

Didn't they already already try this? Windows 8? Ever heard of this OS?

Sure... why not. Hell, about now I'll take just about anything.

Hmmm... a dual core router with incrediable speed? Kinda like the one I already have... the Nightwawk from Netgear.

WOW! Almost makes you want to just close the lid on the laptop and call it a year.

The Asus ROG division is launching its Maximus VII Formula motherboard. This is the flagship Z97 motherboard from the ROG series of products, and comes with quite the hardware to back up that status.

As I awoke this AM I thought to myself:
"Self..." I said.... "I hope a software program you truly love gets updated today!"

The worst kept secret in the technology industry right now is that the next iPhones will be delivered with bigger screens this September, coming in 4.7 and 5.5-inch sizes. But if reports out of the Far East are to be believed, the new iPhone won’t just be bigger it will be huge — for Apple that is. How so? The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is asking its suppliers to build 70-80 million new iPhones by year end. That represents an increase of up to 60% from last year’s orders for the iPhone 5s and 5c, which totaled 50-60 million.

Although Facebook put $2 billion on the table for Oculus back in March, the acquisition has only officially completed today, leaving the social media giant as the de facto forerunner of virtual reality tech.

Verizon on Monday announced that it is boosting FiOS upload speeds to match download speeds. This means it'll be faster to do things like upload videos and back up files online.

Ian Morris of Forbes has discovered that Google's Chrome browser for Windows can drain a laptop's battery. The problem was first reported back in 2010, and Google is just now getting around to addressing the problem.

Sweet! I need me a new Start Menu! Wait... WHAT! I have to buy Windows 9 to get a Start Menu?

A recently disclosed flaw in Active Directory could allow an attacker to bypass security measures in a system to change users' passwords.

I starting to look for a laptop to accompany my current "beast" which I am going to be making into a server os sorts since I am knee deep into my MCSE studies and really do need a portable server I can move around between work and home. I'm not sure this is the one I want as I am really interested in the Lenovo Y Series. Not to expensive at all and one of them comes with a 4K screen!

Following this morning's announcement that Microsoft will lay off up to 18,000 of its employees, the company has revealed it will shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, the division responsible for original Xbox programming.

The first documented successful hack of a Tesla Model S has come from China, Chinese security giant Qihoo 360 Security Technology announced Thursday.

Hmmm... might be something the ADMIN folks might be interested in.

Microsoft has been trying to kill Public Folders for a while now and move folks to SharePoint. I don't see that happening.