merry christmas frosty 1I love the holidays! Snow! Ice! Cold! Beautiful trees and, of course crazy-ass shopping! 

Well, since I had such a rough night post my Dr. visit yesterday (I've been up since like 4:30 am) I decided I wanted to get some of the hard stuff done on the site.

This has to be one of the funniest videos SNL has done in a while.

Damn... that's a hell of a good bundle!

With everyone about to head out for the Holidays, securing your tech is very important! Check out some of the tips from PC Mag.

Well, if you have not heard the new Keurig 2.0 can ONLY be used with "certified" Keurig coffee K2 cups!

YES! I cannot wait for this game!

This might be something some of you will be interested in!

Well folks... here's the deal. IF you are a SMB I would be on the phone to my IT person asking about this.

Well I have a couple of Linux VM's running (right now as a matter of fact...) and it looks secure to me.

Welp... it is that time of year!
Let's see if I can guess what number one is...

Damn... is Microsoft engineering some more cool gaming features to compliment there already dominate XBOX platform?

For the Dish and Netflix fans...
Netflix has found an unlikely partner to help it recruit more new subscribers—Dish Network.

Google's Nest thermostat owners just got a new hands-free perk: the ability to control the device by voice.

I'm more of a DropBox user but, at the same time, I do have some stuff on my Google Drive and it's fine! Really. Zero issues!

Damn... this is the first I have heard of this app!

I am so excited about Windows 10! I have not looked forward to a Windows OS this much since Windows 7! I have been using it (in a VM) and have really been putting it through it's paces and what I see so far is just terrific!


Windows 10 is really starting to take shape.