summer 1 Summer is... the best...and the reason it's the best is....???? See here....

VMware, which built its reputation on server and application virtualization a decade ago, continues to become more and more focused on people and their mobile devices.

AT&T had been considering several Bay Area cities where it can bring the service. Aside from Cupertino, the list included Mountain View, Campbell, San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco.

It's been ten years since Google made its initial public offering. Since then, the company has expanded its reach, not only in the way we communicate (email and smartphones) but also with what we say (how many times have you said you Googled something?).

NO KIDDING! I would have used this if it was invented when I had the kids at home. Hell... not that they are grown...I might want to use it anyway!

Welp, I'm back from a little Vacation and it looks like I have some work to uninstalling what I JUST installed!

I think I heard a SLAP....
Verizon's justification that it should be able to slow down its most active unlimited data customers doesn't fly with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.

I actually saw him back in the day do a stand-up. I laughed so hard I truly tinkled in my pants.

Computer antivirus software developer John McAfee made a surprise appearance at the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas over the weekend, where he spoke about the "eroded nature of privacy in our lives today".

A Facebook app that promises to change the overall look and color scheme of any user's profile page is malware that hacks into PCs and smartphones.

Google and Yahoo are joining forces to create a tool that will encrypt messages sent and received between users.

As this space continues to grow and grow and grow, and grow and grow and grow and grow...(well... you get the idea)...more and more folks are looking to move some of what they have internally to the "cloud" but they're not sure how to do it. How DO you evaluate the cloud services available today?

So not only would I have to share my bandwidth, but I would also have to pay for the cost.

Huh... was looking for a bit more... but... so be it.

What? Why? How come I just can't have an OS that's...well... an OS?

Wow... someone is going to have a long weekend.

Hear that? It's the pounding of the nail into the coffin. Or, is it my head ofter a night of Exchange Exam Study... hard to tell.

Hmmm... wonder if this will fix anything?

Yes, yes it does.
Software tool vendors are complaining that recent updates to Java are breaking their environments.