mustang 2012 black-3
Well, it happend. I had to sell the Mustang. My medical condition has gotten worse and I could no longer drive her. She was a manual and I could no longer clutch the car. With that, if you think I was giving up on the Mustang you are wrong. Read more...


Hmmm... I'm ready now... LET'S GO!

Welcome back Mr. Start Menu.

Well I'll be spun like a monkey on a marry-go-round!

We've already been busy writing about the most compelling matchups of the upcoming season. Now, we get to find out when the games will occur.

Some people never learn: Polls show that Americans still view their homes as the best and safest place to invest their hard-earned cash.


Some pretty cool apps here. I especially like the Invoice app!

I mention this as I have a pair and I paid more than this for them.

No kidding... I might... HA HA... na...just kidding... I have FIOS B****!

WHAT! I take this s*** like a crack head pops crack!

In the market for a new phone and are considering the new Galaxy S5? Might want to check out this review first (just in case...).

A REALLY solid and FREE Windows 8 Start Menu add-in for those of you who have Windows 8, are cheap (or frugal) and want the Windows 8 Start Menu back but think it should be provided by MS but is not at this time.

No s***!
Jason Wishnov, CEO, Founder and Lead Designer at Iridium Studios, recently sat down for a brief video interview in which he talked about Iridium’s new tactical war game titled “There Came An Echo”

Well, we are back!
I think you all know by now I have been down and out and just could not get to the podcasts over the weekend. I was either in bed, trying to recover from the week I had, or was I trying to buy a car I was not scared of driving.

Hey.. sure... why not. I'll try it!

It's EASTER! Start dipping!
See how below!

Damn... sounds like one I have to pick up!

Come and get it.
From the creator of PC virtualization comes the most reliable, secure way to run multiple operating systems at the same time.