chewy starwars 2Have you seen the new Star Wars Trailer? WHAT! Now way! Well then... you need to go here and check it out! 

This is a WOOT sale so if you want one of these, you better hurry!

Holy lord of thrones... Google just got into the mobile game with a Wi-Fi calling plan...and it's pretty cheap too!

I know, I know this is not "tech" anything but I love me some football and I love to know who my Chargers are playing!

Marcel sent this my way and I was like "say what!" I had not heard about a specific launch date but then again I have been buried in tech books for Microsoft's SCCM Line of products for the last week and have not had a hell of a lot of time to do much of anything.

PC OF DEATH! Is that a new OS from Microsoft? I want that! Can you imagine telling your buddies: "Dude... check this out... I use Microsoft's new PC of Death as my OS!" You would be honored with applause and god like powers. 

No kidding! I have to look at my iPad and see if I can get some action out of it. It just kinda lays there like it has nothing to do!

That's what we call in the industry a "tech boner!" And this dude popped a BIG ASS ONE!

Why you sneeky little Microsoft...people. What giggles have you given us now?

Hell, I thought NVIDIA was already the "next big thing" in gaming. Did I miss a memo or something?

I have to say, I was also a little emotional when Han and Chewy showed back up. I remember my dad taking my brother and I to see these movies and my jaw just dropping when I saw them. God... they were so cool for the time and now it looks like J.J. has brought back the nostalgia of the once great movies.

OMG! OMG! OMG! "Chewy... we're home!" AHHHHHHHHHHH! I cannot wait for this to come out!

I'm in! I love the touch apps. I feel like it loves me when I touch them! Kinda sexy...

Hmmm... MS has a new map app for the phone? Cool!

If you got caught in this mess, well... there might be hope.

And number on is? Oh come on... guess!

Unfortunately I got caught right in the middle of a "mandatory reboot" as I was installing some software.

Yeah, it seemed this update was pretty stout!

Now we're cooking! I use to use CyberLink PowerDVD back in the day and it was pretty good but with the release of the ipad and now what the phones can do I just didn't need it anymore.