chewy starwars 2Have you seen the new Star Wars Trailer? WHAT! Now way! Well then... you need to go here and check it out! 

Damn... pretty cool looking mouse pad!

Huh... wonder if I actually need to do this.

I am installing it now. Takes a while but I like what I see in Windows 10. A LOT!

While I am not a painter, some of you who are will want to try this out.

My wife just read me this story and I was like..."They what! No way!"

Hmmm... well, okay...

I'm still thinking this watch needs one more release before it's ready for prime time.

I just installed it. Guess I'm more secure now.

I was shutting down my PC yesterday and I was...surprised by the fact I needed to install 55 updates! Ugh... pain in the...

If this was true... this would suck!

This is start-up "tech speak" for "we are behind and we need everyone to work on THIS!"

Hmmm... I think this is a terrific idea. I had to wait 4 months for the folks at T-Mobile to get me Lollipop. That might be one of the strangest sentences I have ever typed now that I look at it.

I have to get one of these...

I truly had no idea! Damn...

Damn... this is a nice looking board.

Well, at least IE is going away. That browser... I tell ya...

This is... surprising. Damn... it begins.