vivaldi small logo 1Vivaldi - Quickly becoming my favorite browser! No joke. You all should check this bad boy out! 

Nothing to me... I have T-Mobile.

I was reading about this late last might and I have to say I was pretty damn impressed with this video card.

Some pretty cool statistics in this article. 

Now we're talking!

Yeah, I was wondering about that. I saw a 1TB SSD for like 250.00 the other day. Almost bought it.

Damn...I'm sure some of you will want to look into this.

No joke? Hmmm... me lookie into!

So Big Dave and I (my son) are building new PC's based around the new NVIDIA 980Ti video card and, as you all know when you buy a new video card you need a new CPU (like... DUH!!!) so of course we need a new CPU fan and damn if this is not one cool looking fan! 

Oh man... this sucks at a level of suck I have not had the pleasure of experienceing before.

OMG... where's my VISA! 
GO! GO! GO! 

This actually, might get me to buy and XBOX one. Maybe... only because I am such a HUGE PC gamer (STEAM SALE!) and knowing the Oculus will now work with Windows 10 OOTB I might just use it on my PC.

I was sent an email this AM from the mighty MS asking if I wanted to turn 'Clutter" on. Since I had NO idea what they were talking about I went and read about it and it seems sorta like Google's "tab" mail sorter but for Outlook. I'm going to check it out. Thought some of you might also like to check it out.

Ya know, I'm kinda shocked at how much email I get from LinkedIn. Maybe I should do this.

OMG! I have to have Claptrap!

Only 6? Hmmm... thought it would be at least 8.

Sweet! Now I can save and spend even more money I don't have!

Hey, come and get your check out a reality headset! It's now available for preorder!

You know that's going to be a pain in the ass. I was hoping Apple had mental telepathy figured out by now.