ios 8 broken corner small Thinking about updating to IOS 8? Getting "itchy" to pull the trigger? Well, you might be pulling the trigger on yourself! Read all about it over yonder!

As it should be. I truly believe (if this is actually true here in North America) MS is doing the right thing.

As you all know I am a HUGE Exchange and Outlook fan! I LOVE Office 365 and have a SMB account with MS (even though I am an MVP I pay for it out of my pocket) and I love it! How can you NOT love a rock solid back-end (Exchange of course) that interfaces with the best Mail Interface ever designed (and that would be Outlook... of course) and now you are about to get some tips and tricks that YOU can use (TODAY NO LESS) making your Exchange to Outlook (and vice versa) intercommunication easier and more productive.

I just had a slight twitch in my pants and it had nothing to do with video cards or new super fast CPU's! 

Wow... just wow... I am so sad to hear this. I really am.

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!) - LINK HAS BEEN FIXED! SORRY!

Welp... time to patch folks! 

So let me get this straight...they roll 8.0 then 8.0.1 which caused more issues than a baby near a light socket, THEN you pull it after bricking peoples phones THEN you tell folks to wipe there phones and go BACK to 8.0 yesterday and NOW you issue 8.0.2 which "fixes" what you did with 8.0.1 after telling people to go back to 8.0...right? 

Well, I think this really depends on the Tech. I believe some do but I also believe some prefer the anonymity of being in a large scale organization. 

Yeah they are. This was a MESS! If Mr. Jobs was still alive he would have fired several folks for this. Tim on the other hand probably gave them all hugs and said "we'll have a meeting about it and hug each other." 

Hmmm... sounds to me like Linux has a Windows type of "critical issue"

Happy with my iOS 7 thank you VERY much!

What DOESN'T have a BUG!

WOW! Just... WOW!

Crap... I'll wait for iOS 8....whatever.

I said it! I SAID IT! Wait for iOS 8.1! WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!

It's been on shelves for a matter of days, but some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users are complaining of a major design flaw that sees the smartphone body bend under pressure.

OMG are you kidding me.... 
Step away from the microwave, iPhone owners.

**Clear Throat** - Um... what did I say? Wait for the first service pack\update. Did I not say that?