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Yeah, that Facebook password sharing issues is one of the issues I am waiting for a little bit more clarification on from MS.

Hmmm... seems pretty simple.

Great story!

As I have said a billion times on this site, never jump to a 1.0 product! EVER! If you can wait about a month for Windows 10 MS will have a lot of these bugs bagged and patches will be released to make Windows 10 even better. This is NORMAL for any software release. Millions of lines of code and thousands of man hours to produce a release of this scale WILL have issues. Patience...

I always do a clean install of any OS.

A good starting point for those who are new or need info about Windows 10.

For those who work in the trenches...

AGAIN Microsoft... still waiting for my download!

Yeah... well... I'm still waiting for my turn in line!

Hey now... a pretty good trick.

Here is a collection of FREE Admin tools I'm sure some of you would love to have or at least know about.


DX12 is stacking up to be something pretty cool.

While I am not a huge Linux fan, I do use from time to time and I need some help with the command line.

MANDATORY! If you know what this is and what it does, you need it. If you do not... call a Geek.

Tomorrow folks! Tomorrow!

One of the main reasons I keep telling folks do not use a 1.0.0 product! This is something that will be worked out but probably not before the launch.

Great!!! Do I get DISH or Cable hmmmm....