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The Microsoft Windows 10 January Tech Build is NOW AVAILABLE via the Insider Program! Go here!

I truly didn't notice. My wife did. I did not.

Sounds to me like Apple might need to re-think it's price point.

Just... WOW!

I'd be a little concerned also if I had a 4GB video card and it topped out at 3.5GB.

It's a slideshow kind of "tips and tweaks" but still, a solid look at some of the settings you can play around with.

No kidding... and with the price under 200.00, I might have to get in on this.

Some! Well then... I will be waiting for Surface...4... I guess.

Oh this is going to tick off a few folks.

I'm a bit curious also. Wonder how it did? Let's all read this together shall we.

It pulls in more than $1 billion in quarterly revenue!

Business might have to write a very big check to get Windows 10.

Hmmm... might be pretty cool.
Check out the trailer below.

I love hidden stuff.

WOW! Just... WOW!

No this is what I call some serious tech. Not in a million years would I have thought of this.

Welp, if you decided you didn't want to pay to watch The Interview and you have a Netflix account you can now watch it!