chewy starwars 2Have you seen the new Star Wars Trailer? WHAT! Now way! Well then... you need to go here and check it out! 

While I am not a painter, some of you who are will want to try this out.

My wife just read me this story and I was like..."They what! No way!"

Hmmm... well, okay...

I'm still thinking this watch needs one more release before it's ready for prime time.

I just installed it. Guess I'm more secure now.

I was shutting down my PC yesterday and I was...surprised by the fact I needed to install 55 updates! Ugh... pain in the...

If this was true... this would suck!

This is start-up "tech speak" for "we are behind and we need everyone to work on THIS!"

Hmmm... I think this is a terrific idea. I had to wait 4 months for the folks at T-Mobile to get me Lollipop. That might be one of the strangest sentences I have ever typed now that I look at it.

I have to get one of these...

I truly had no idea! Damn...

Damn... this is a nice looking board.

Well, at least IE is going away. That browser... I tell ya...

This is... surprising. Damn... it begins.

No kidding... that would be very cool if it worked.

I use the Control Panel all the time. Not really sure how you don't.

Wow... what I just experienced was one of those life moments you never forget.