02 Oct 2017

Here's my question: How in the hell did this guy get a fully automatic weapon in the first place? Horrible. Just horrible and, some of these pictures...god. My deepest sympathy to all who were involved. Some of the video that has the actual sound of the gun used, I can't even imaging what that felt like to hear. 

16 Apr 2017

I wanted to wish ALL of those who celebrate Easter, well...a Happy Easter! Below is a bit of Wikipedia for all who might not know what all this Easter stuff is about. And, for those who do, even I learned a thing or two off this Wikipedia Page. 

What would we do without Wikipedia? 

08 Apr 2017

I have an admission to make. I, Digital Dave, am a Headphone Junkie. There, I said it!

01 Jan 2017

I JUST saw this and I immediately ordered the season. 

For those who do not know or, have never seen this particular series, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and MAN was he made for this roll!

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