US Navy Releases Footage of Russian Attack Jets Buzzing Destroyer

WOW! The flip out over this is INSANE! 

Everyone seems to be flipping out over this and that's just crazy. 

When I was in the Navy (many, many, and I mean MANY, moons ago...) I was stationed on the USS Constellation (now scrap...ugh...) and during a couple of deployments in the Indian Ocean we would get a couple of flybys by Russian Bears. 

russian bear

I remember standing on the Flight Desk and just looking at these MASSIVE planes lumbering by the aircraft carrier. They were so big they shook the boat! 

Then, I was told a Russian Badger flew by (I was...alas...on the can at the time) and people were just going NUTS over that one. 

russian badger

This is common on deployment. I know for a fact when I was in (since I worked in Medical and worked with a lot of pilots) we did the same damn thing to some of their ships. 

This is "dick wagging" and nothing more. 


You can check out the Flyby video here.

Da Boss!

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