That's right folks! Today is Sys Admin Day.

A day where we, the SYS ADMINS, wait for every year as we are pilled high with presents, slaps on the back for bringing back to life systems the APP DEV's screw-up at 2:30 in the morning, un-pressing the CAPS LOCK key on keyboards, and of course who could forget dealing with laptops that look like they went to a buffet!. Yes folks...all of you out there who have to deal with Engineers, End Users, and of course bosses who go "I do't care what you do! Just make it work!" well...today is your day. SO...let's CELEBRATE with the SYS ADMIN SONG! What? You didn't know we had a song dedicated to just us! Of course we do! We're Sys Admin's! 

Get the sys admin song here! If you want to save this to your local hard drive, right click on the link and choose save as.

Da Boss!

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