04 Jan 2013

Hello all... 

Well, it's here! 

It's radical. 


I have put together a video showing you around the new site, where everything is and what the three main areas now do. 

Please view it! 

Thank you... and welcome.. To The MIND of Digital Dave. 

View the view!!! (please use IE to view the video now. If you are using Chome, you can use this extension to add WMA playback to Chrome - http://www.interoperabilitybridges.com/wmp-extension-for-chrome - restart the browser.

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03 Jan 2013

So I thought I would share with you all some pictures I took of our Christmas tree, or I should say trees, over the holidays.

We had a lot of fun this year decorating the brand-new house!

Later - Digital

02 Jan 2013

I'm not sure if you all know this or not, but during my few minutes of downtime that I have per day I actually like to play the guitar and I have been playing for about 25 years.

Now, just because I been playing for me five years doesn't mean I'm any good! By playing I mean I pick up the guitar and try and play like Eddie Van Halen, get frustrated and then put it down for three years.

While this year I broke out my rig and my guitar and realized that I really needed a new guitar and I needed to update my rig but like everybody else I don't have a ton of cash to do it.

So I started looking around on the Internet and, of course I came across the latest Eddie Van Halen guitar which is 3500 bucks which I almost bought because I truly believe that if I buy an Eddie Van Halen guitar I will become Eddie Van Halen! NOT!!!

So as a lot of guitar players would do we head over to guitar Center and we look at the latest deals and we realize that if we spent $5000 we could become a professional guitar player! Again, NOT!

So I thought to myself why don't my price compare some of the EVH guitars (that's Eddie's line of guitar) and see if I can find it for a little bit cheaper. Of course I did, but only by a couple hundred bucks. But, I did come across a line that was made in Japan that the EVH guitar line had just introduced and it was literally over half the cost difference.

02 Jan 2013

Q - Describe your website?
A - We're the corner bar on your block of the Internet.

Q – Why do you call your podcasts: STS?
A – Well, after all the starts and stops of the PC, people were just getting to busy to really do a standard PC so I just decided to start holding a weekly 'Shoot the S****' session with my family and buddies and we just talk like men talk. No real agenda to follow, but a bunch of hot air does seem to make it out of our mouths!

Q - Who are the folks who do the podcast with you?
A - No idea... they just kept showing up at the "bar" and I finally had to "hire" them they were there so much. After a little while I got to know them.

Here's who stops by from time to time....

- Dustin D. Dracoules - (my youngest) - 19 y/o - Navy Advanced Warfare Trained - I had to let him join. He can now kick my ass with his pinky. - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast)

- David Jr. Dracoules - (my eldest) - 26 y/o Air Force Trained... something (like...secret shit or something) - Had to let him join also as he knows where "the bodies are buried." - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast)

- Lauren Dracoules - my daughter and the true gem in my eye. My daughter is currently a Jr. at George Mason University (GMU) and is just now starting to realize that podcasts are actually kinda fun and she will be here from time to time (she also works a pretty decent amount of hours, mostly scheduled mid-day so she cannot make it most of the time... but does stop by).

- Barney - Old like me - R.N. going for his PHD in Idiots thus the reason he hangs out with us. I think we're a new "gen" pool for him to study. - Podcasts: (Mancast Tech Podcast)

- "The Tod" - Younger than Barney and I but has lived about as much life in those years and Barney and I have. Tod's here to do intermittent radio checks with his mic. He's also a Systems Admin for Joseph Farms here in Northern California. He has a VERY unique network setup and we LOVE having him tell about what's going on in the "real world" of Windows. - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast)

- Nia - she's 12, "The Tods" daughter - I have known Nia, almost since birth. She is a truly knowledgeable young lady who can game with the BEST of them in her age class and LOVES (I mean like... a LOT!) LOVES Assassin's Creed (like all of them...) - Nia makes and occasional appearance (like when Dad day's she can!, or if she has a gaming question we will put it to the entire crew). - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast as appropriate)

Q - How come you guys don't have any ad's on your site?
A - Non left... Neowin and Anadad took them all! Na... JC... we just don't like them. I hate ads but... they will be making an appearance with the new site. We're just trying to work out how to display them.

Q - How come the podcast just stops sometimes? Sounds like you had to go and run an errand?
A - Nope... bathroom breaks.

Q - Can I advertise on your website?
A - Yes... please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q - Can I advertise on your website if I make it "worth your while?"
A - Yep.... for mula... we do not accept monopoly money however.

Q - So, let me get this straight ... you run a pretty decent website, but you have no ads so you pay for this yourself?
A - Yep... that's why Ads are coming with the new site. It's getting very expensive to keep you all informed and laughing.

Q - How can your fans get ahold of you?
A - Um... well... you can write to me at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (that will come to me and I will send it off to whomever).

Q - How old are you?
A - Not to old but old enough to have been in the IT business for 18 years.

Q - Digitalsmind.com use to be a pure tech news site? Why the change?
A - Truly because tech news is BORING as hell. I REALLY wanted to design a site that was informative, fun, entertaining, and truly merged out world into one cool looking site.

Anymore questions? Oh… a couple more?

Q – Is this a “family oriented site?”
A – Ummmm… we try but, if pressed, I would have to say we’re more like the Osborne’s. Just not as “f-wordy”… most of the time.

Q - How long have you been running this site?
A - A long, long, really long time. We have been around (under different names mind you) since 1997.

Later - Dig (Sr.)

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