10 Dec 2013

So, I was considering taking the day off as I have had enough of my car be wreaked by things I have no control over. 

01 Dec 2013

Pretty basic stuff (AV, Firewall on, etc...) but at the same time this might be something you send to the grandparents or friends who might not be as tech savvy as you are!

These are my top three tips for shopping Cyber Monday:

1 - Never EVER use your ATM Card! Even though your bank will probably reimburse you, that might take a while and that cash will be held until it's all cleared up.

21 Nov 2013

Wow... I had no idea a human could adsorb as much as I have absorbed. Truly... amazing and it's not over yet! I have one more GLORIOUS day here at Microsoft. I'm sad to leave. I really am. It's like going home for the holidays, seeing your childhood room, sleeping in yoru old bed, smelling that good home cooking mom has floating through the house at 7:0 0am and then packing and having to leave.

19 Nov 2013

"This is under NDA! Do you all hear me?"

I have now heard that... 20 times now... at least!

This conference has been one of the most INFORMATIVE MVP conferences I have ever attended. I am STUNNED at the level we are being given access to. Seriously! Amazing!

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