If you are thinking or even have plans to go to Office 365 then this tool might come in VERY handy.

Don't panic! A fix is available. Calm down...it's Friday... here's some Taco bell and a beer.

This is a very good article on what you need to have installed from a PowerShell perspective and then how to connect.

I have been asked about Office 365 for like the last month from some pretty large companies. They want people who know office 365.

Everybody get a beer. Now, wave Bye-Bye!

Is it me or do you all agree the new MS CEO is kicking a little ass?

Make sure if you paid for your subscription you get paid back! Remember, 20.00 bucks is still 20.00 bucks!

Hook'm then stick'm. I smell a profit margin increase. Don't you?

Boy did they... I was affected by this at work.