VirtualBox 5.1.30

If you are looking for a VM program\utility that can run multiple VM's and is free this is probably the best one out there.

VirtualBox 5.1.14

After last weeks security update I'm sure this addresses other issues users of VirtualBox will want to get installed ASAP.

VirtualBox 4.3.26

Free VM software so you ca run the Windows 10 beta? Oh be still my aging heart.

VirtualBox 4.3.20

Come and get it!

I had this exact same issue and I had to use the below 'switch' (elevated command prompt - right click - run as admin, etc...)

If you are a lover, as I am, of the virtualized world but simply cannot afford the steep price of the VMWare Workstation then this is one hell of an alternative.

VirtualBox 4.2.10

Hey, free and for everyone to use.