I received a new work laptop with Windows 10 installed and I missed the old Windows photo viewer.

I love how Microsoft is embracing Open Source with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Creators update expands this integration even further.

Honestly, I was wondering about that. Now I know and so do you.

Huh....so...kinda like the old "Service Packs". Nice.

WOW! You better hurry up and upgrade! 

This article is on the Admin page for a reason. As the article states "if you are not a highly technically proficient user (preferably a professional or well trained Windows system administrator), I encourage you to stop now and call someone to help you."

For the brave at heart, feel free. As usual, with updates of this size, I'll let "others" tell me what's wrong and then wait for a fix. I will, however, try it in a VM. I am, after all, very curious.

Yep! I just spent the entire weekend rebuilding my daughters PC because she didn't know any better and thought the update was an...well...update for Windows 8.1. Windows 10 installed. She has an older motherboard and no Windows 10 drivers were available. "DAD! FIX IT!

After what I had to deal with when the Anniversary Edition came out, I think I'll wait on this one for a bit. Here's how to delay the "Creators Update" for up to four months (and longer if you use the REGHACK they show you).