Huh...I can see using this at night. kidding. Guess you holdouts better upgrade. 

If I Reset Windows 10, What Happens?

Ya know, I was just as curious as I'm sure you all are. What DOES happen? Let's find out.

Seriously...what's NOT being updated!

I'm telling ya'll, I think we need to stop calling this next version of Windows 10 an "update". It sure seems to me this is a new OS!

I'm assuming this will be something like "sleeping" inactive services or processes to "maximize" CPU, memory, bus speed, etc.This build is starting to look impressive.

Well now, that was nice of them. 

I am amazed at how often I get asked this question especially around the holiday's. Most people buy only one PC for the kids and the KIDS don't want to share the same desktop (backgrounds, wallpaper, etc...). This article will assist in showing you how to setup those profiles. 

I travel a bit (not as much as I use to but I still do) and I tell ya, I have run into this issue more than once. Nice to know someone finally found a solution. If you travel for business, or even pleasure, you might want to remember this especially for those Hotel wi-fi's.

Oh yes, a Swapfile is different than a Pagefile so, if you want to learn more about this particular "memory management" subsystem well on.