Irish Cops vs. Lawyers (Humor)

I enjoyed this one. 

Larry the Fighter Pilot - Humor

I just laughed out loud. 

Humor - The Dentist

This was just cute. I liked it.

Neighbors - Humor

I like this one. I can see this happening. 

Windows Does MAC! (humor)

I had no idea!

Friday Funny!

This actually made me laugh out loud. Not sure if it's just the end of a long week but I loved this one.

Message from My Wife (she's adorable)

I got home real late last night after a full day of golfing and hanging out with the guys, and my wife left a message in the kitchen.

Humor! One you can tell the kids!

This is one you can tell in Church!

And today's funny is...HILARIOUS!

This is just brilliant! I would at least interview this guy.

OMG! Possible Deadly Virus!

I've heard about this virus. Thankfully the remedy is something all of us have access to!