It seems that with every passing administration, the issue of Net Neutrality pops back up.

This video might be the best reason I have EVER heard about why we need Net Neutrality. 

Oh man! This is going to make some folks REALLY mad! Like HOPPING MAD! Like "I will not share my chicken nuggets with you" mad!

Hmmm... this is one of those where I get both sides but I have to come down on the side that allows me to watch Amazon Prime Videos without throttling and not having to pay more to do it.

You’re enjoying your weekend java, wanting to learn what happened at last week’s school board meeting. Your local newspaper doesn’t cover that beat, but a local blogger does a good job, so you try to pull his site up on your laptop. Meanwhile, your 5-year-old opens up “Sesame Street” on her iPad, and on his, your teenage son is bringing up “Spider-Man” on Netflix. You instantly hear the sounds of “Spider-Man,” but your daughter is getting impatient, as her show hasn’t yet appeared. In another minute, the “Sesame Street” theme song finally plays, but your school board blog still isn’t up. You get another cup of coffee and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, the site fills your screen.

Yep... sometimes when you win, you actually lose.

Welp... here's a few useless stories for a Friday.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has promised a new net neutrality plan.

Net neutrality: Behind the telecom price war

In a monumental court case with far-reaching consequences, Verizon (ticker: VZ) successfully challenged the Federal Communications Commission's rules on Internet fairness. Before I get to why this is awesome for the company and horrible for the Internet, here's everything you need to know about "net neutrality."