04 Oct 2016

I use a RAM disk for my browser cache as it makes my extended browsing session faster. That said, I know what the limites are and understand how it works. If you are interested in setting up a RAM Disk this might be the article for you.

16 Jul 2016

Who the hell uses VoIP? Oh...wait...I do. Sorry...twisted that thought with who still uses single-ply toilet paper. 

29 May 2016

So, this morning I awoke to what was a clatter. I sprang from my bed to see what the hell was the matter. Away to my computer I sprinted like the Mad Hatter. I sat down, logged in and found what was the matter!

26 Feb 2015

This is a terrific guide for anyone who is looking at upgrading their router to a new one.

31 Dec 2014

I am seriously looking into this especially since one of my neighbors had this basement flood (his pipes burst) as the heater went out. His basement basically turned into an ice rink all while he was on vacation. If I had something that would email me when the temp or a system went down, even remotely, I could call for help.

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