How to add Encrypt or Decrypt item to right-click context menu in Windows 10/8/7

Pretty simple to do BUT you need to make a couple of REGISTRY changes so, if you are uncomfortable with working with the Registry this might not be for you. The cool thing about this REGHACK is it works with Windows 7/8/10. SWEET!

In this era when technology is riveting almost all domains of our life, data protection, and privacy is quite stringent and goes without saying. One very peculiar method to mitigate such privacy threats is Encryption.

For long, Windows has included the functionality to encrypt your file, folders and even drives to help keep your data secure and prevent other user accounts from being able to gain access to it. Today, we’ll see how to encrypt or decrypt any file/folder with just one click by doing a bit of registry manipulation.

Before rolling on with it, let’s take a look at what Encryption is and how it is being propped up in Windows OS. In simple words, Encryption takes your normal data, say a simple text message and converts it into “ciphered text” that is otherwise unreadable until you make some meaning out of it.

Now, this ciphered text a.k.a encrypted text is as good as any alien signature until you can decode it to extract the original message. In Windows, a feature called Encrypted File System (EFS) makes it possible to keep your data in an encrypted format. By using standard and advanced cryptographic algorithms, EFS encrypts the file/folder in question which makes it impossible for anyone to read the actual data until one does not know how to decrypt it.

This tutorial will show to encrypt any file in Windows 10/8/7 with just one click, by adding Encrypt & Decrypt item your right-click context menu. It should be noted that EFS is not available in the Home editions of Windows. It is available in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise & Education, Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise editions. 

Read all about how to do it here. 

If you are uncomfortable editing the Registry, you can use one of these utilities to do it for you - check them out here.


Last modified on Sunday, 22 January 2017 15:14

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