How to activate YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode

I had no idea. I am going to give this a shot and see if I like it. If I don't, then like magic, it will be gone.

Next time you’re staying up till three in the morning mindlessly watching YouTube videos, why not give your eyes a rest and turn the lights out? As discovered by Reddit, YouTube now a secret dark mode that’s easy to activate. 

- Make sure you have the most recent version of Google Chrome (that’s version 57 onwards)
- Open up the developer window by hitting Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows, or Option + Command + I on Mac
- Select the “console” tab
- Paste in the following text: document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE" and hit enter
- Close the developer window, refresh your browser, and the dark mode toggle is available in the main settings menu in the top right. - Turning it on is as easy as flicking a light switch: (see site for demo)

Check out the entire article by clicking here.

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