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Don't listen to Snopes - The "yes" phone scam is real

Glad I read this.

Irish Cops vs. Lawyers (Humor)

I enjoyed this one. 

Larry the Fighter Pilot - Humor

I just laughed out loud. 

Google employees in eight U.S. offices stage walkout protests

Huh...guess they have some issues they want addressed.

Hundreds of Android VPN apps are actually full of malware

Uh... Well...that's all I can think of saying. I'm a little stunned.

Two hours trolling a Windows support scammer

I like to put these articles up, from time to time, to remind everyone that just because someone says they are from Tech Support doesn't mean they really are.

At first I thought this was a story about an IBM Mainframe. Alas, is is not. This is a story about a Stratus server that was booted in 1993 and has never been rebooted. EVER! DAMN!

FOG - A Free Cloning Solution 1.3.4

Huh...I'm sure someone would like to try it.

Everyone calm down....calm down. Microsoft knows what's best for you and you should blindly trust whatever MS applies to your system.