Seagate IronWolf 12TB SATA III HDD Review

Ya know, a couple of these in RAID 1 might make for a pretty darn good game drive. 

Looking at all the hard disk drives to arrive in our lab lately i still can't believe that at one time we thought that we'd never need a drive with a capacity of over 500MB. Things changed since then in many ways so today we need 500MB of storage space just to store our graphics card drivers. Competition is almost always a good thing cause it makes companies strive to become even better in order to surpass their rivals and so slightly over a year since Seagate, WD, HGST and Toshiba introduced their first 10TB 3.5 inch hard disk drives already the first 12TB models have made their appearance in the market with 14TB ones announced with projected availability before the end of the year. Once again Seagate was kind enough to send over their new 12TB models at launch and so we'll start reviewing their 12TB line with the IronWolf 12TB NAS Hard Disk Drive. 

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