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If this isn't a guy joke only, I don't know what is. I laughed and thought you might also. Oh, and it's a "clean" joke.

Truly I do not need to explain this. Just watch the video. 

I enjoyed this one. 

I just laughed out loud. 

This was just cute. I liked it.

I like this one. I can see this happening. 

Just a cute joke. I liked it.

Did you all see this story? I read it and I was like: WHAT!

I had no idea!

Did you get an Amazon Echo for XMAS? Is it voice enabled? Have kids? Well, you might want to turn off one setting. Check this out.

My boss sent me this. It made me spit some coffee on my keyboard when I read it. 

LOL! in California. 

I laughed so hard I spit out my coffee all over my keyboard. Good GOD man!

I wrote a short letter to Santa. Thought I would share. 

Not sure if I should laugh or take a shower and wash it off.