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I work from home, the can, the bedroom, the front-yard, the back-yard, in my car, on the moon (playing a VR game while on a CON call for something I had nothing to do with), my neighbors house, the grocery store, the gas station, getting my hair cut, at a stop light, lunch, dinner, etc. Actually...I'm not sure there is a place I have NOT worked.

My wife has Bose wireless headphones. Wonder if she knows about this?

I saw this ad last night and thankfully, I don't have a Google Home Device and I (thankfully) had turned off the "Okay Google" on my phone.

As one of the comments said: "Welcome to Web 2.0."

So, from what I read, if you decide to use this PC version to watch content off-line your C:\ drive is about to get SMASHED with data.

GitHub wins (and whomever bet against it needed to see someone professionally).

Yep! I just spent the entire weekend rebuilding my daughters PC because she didn't know any better and thought the update was an...well...update for Windows 8.1. Windows 10 installed. She has an older motherboard and no Windows 10 drivers were available. "DAD! FIX IT!

Translation: "'re fired." 

Huh...guess they have some issues they want addressed.

Yep...worked for IBM for almost 5 years. This is what they do.

Uh....yeah...never would (or will I) ever let the Geek Squad" touch anything other than my TV.

Thanks Marcel...
Is your Windows server getting hacked? Do you need to block ip addresses in Windows? Dealing with a brute force attack? Don’t want to spend your life savings on SysPeace or other overly priced security software? Then IPBan is for you.

Okay, so... that Razer laptop with three screens is just freaking CRAZY!

I didn't find it obnoxious at all! As a matter of fact, I loved it! LOVED IT! I got to hear from my computer at LEAST daily about how it WANTED to be updated to the NEW and EXCITING Microsoft Windows 10. Computers have feelings. Right?