Nearly all WannaCry victims were running Windows 7

Yep... and this will continue until people start to get the hint that an 8-year-old OS needs to be patched a wee-bit-more than the newer ones. 

The WannaCry ransomware attack takes advantage of a vulnerability in out-of-date versions of Microsoft Windows. The worst hit so far: people using Windows 7.

Over the past week, the world faced one of the worst cyberattacks ever, which struck hospitals, schools, and businesses around the globe. The attack encrypted, or scrambled, the files on more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries and demanded victims pay a ransom of at least $300.

Roughly 98 percent of infected PCs were running a version of Windows 7, according to data released Friday by security firm Kaspersky Lab. About 1.5 percent of infections hit 2008 R2 Server clients, while Windows XP infections were "insignificant," Costin Raiu, director of research for Kaspersky Lab, said in a tweet. 

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