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I do not have an iPhone X, but from what I have been reading, I'm glad I don't.

My family uses the iPhone mostly (I'm an Android guy) and I think I'll pass this article onto them. Even I found some of these tips and tricks useful. I'm going to try a couple of them on my iPad. Not sure if they'll work but, it's worth a shot.

No kidding. Well, now all you iOS users know how to do it!

So, what do you all say? Let's go back to the old school rotary phones and just call it a day.

Yeah...I can see that.

Uh... Well...that's all I can think of saying. I'm a little stunned.

I've used File Expert for a while now and I like it but, I gave this one a try and it's good. I'll keep them both and see which one I end up using the most.

That's just terrific. The best phone I ever had could have exploded on me. I would like to know what they found. 

Hmmm...maybe it's just time to go back to the old push button phones we had back in the 80's. Seemed a bit more secure. 

WOW! Look at these phones! OMG! I am so IN LOVE! - NOT! I WANT my NOTE SAMSUNG! Oh, and PLEASE make sure this one does not catch fire. 

OMG! Santa! You brought me and iPhone 7? OMG! OMG! An iPhone 7? You REALLY brought me and iPhone 7? **scream**...and then I awoke all sweaty, heart racing, palms soaked in sweat and, as soon as I realised it was all a dream, I immediately reached over for my Android, cuddled it, and fell back asleep. I hate nightmares on Christmas.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was expected by many to release a completely new handset, dubbed Surface Phone, this month in New York City. But the Surface Phone did not attend the October event, where the software titan introduced its first ever desktop computer, Surface Studio. The new Windows 10 Mobile-powered phone may replace iPhone as smartphone superstar.

Welp, glad I exchanged my phone this past week.

Im so bumbed. My first was a Note 4. Hurry up and show me the 8.

Well...that's it. The Note line for this year is dead. Some are saying this is it for this year.