05 Apr 2015

Yep! You read right! We did a podcast. 

28 Sep 2014

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!) - LINK HAS BEEN FIXED! SORRY!

Title: Net Neutrality-Game News-Windows 9-Apple Debacle... and SO much more!

Staff: Dave Sr.-Dave Jr.-Silent Tod and...Dustin (some **language** so... there it is.)

Run Time: 1:30.

14 Sep 2014

This weeks PC is now LIVE! (No really... it is!)

Title: STS - The Burger Monarch

Staff: Dave Sr.-Dave Jr.-Silent Tod and...Dustin.

07 Sep 2014

Well, this is one of those podcast's that was lost to the Summer. We recorded it and then.. well, I got sick (ongoing issues I have had...) and then I just forgot about it and was reminded of it when we did last weeks Podcast (which will also be making a debut today...) so I found the recording and...well...here ya go!

If you want to hear the gang once again... here ya go!

The "Listen here link has been fixed". Sorry about that. The tool I use to upload and create the URL has a bug...obviously.

Listen here!

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