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LOL! This was one of the comments and I just laughed out loud: CVE-2017-11776 ...guess Microsoft's Dept of Coding (re)hired Scooby and scrappy Doo again.

Well folks, these issues cover every version of Outlook back to 2010. Might want take a gander and see what terrific fun you are in for if you have already installed the June Updates. Have to thank Marcel for this FYI.

I was sent an email this AM from the mighty MS asking if I wanted to turn 'Clutter" on. Since I had NO idea what they were talking about I went and read about it and it seems sorta like Google's "tab" mail sorter but for Outlook. I'm going to check it out. Thought some of you might also like to check it out.

Seems MS has been listening to the IT folks who FREAKED when the iOS version of Outlook was released last month. It seems some changes have been made.

Outlook is a big deal and the changes coming to the Windows phone platform might make some of you really happy.

Marcel sent in a terrific website which offers loads of FREE Outlook add-ins you can get!

As you all know I am a HUGE Exchange and Outlook fan! I LOVE Office 365 and have a SMB account with MS (even though I am an MVP I pay for it out of my pocket) and I love it! How can you NOT love a rock solid back-end (Exchange of course) that interfaces with the best Mail Interface ever designed (and that would be Outlook... of course) and now you are about to get some tips and tricks that YOU can use (TODAY NO LESS) making your Exchange to Outlook (and vice versa) intercommunication easier and more productive.

Hmmm... let me go and look.
Microsoft has published a "prerelease" version of its Outlook Web App for Android at the Google Play store.

For several years, Gmail has had quite an edge over Outlook users thanks to its sophisticated filters that allow users to set up their email to drop and deposit automatically into folders for easy management. Today, Microsoft's MSFT +1.18% Outlook may have just taken that edge away with new Advanced Rules, along with a few other features that might make Outlook the most popular email service available. is pretty cool. I know, I know... GMAIL... bla... but if you use Outlook at work, or even at home, you might want to check this out.