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Well, that was fast! Look, folks, you need to patch and patch now. This is a "no joke" ransomware.

Microsoft has done something VERY unusual! With the WannaCrypt Ransomware affecting (so far) 75% of the countries in the world, MS has issued a patch against this bugger for the entire MS OS ecosystem going all the way back to Server 2003!

I've run across this more than once in my line of work recently and boy is this some bad stuff.

Damn... images? WOW! Might just be time to turn off the computer.

Oh lordy! This one is NASTY!

This was sent to me by a fellow MVP and I thought some of you might be interested in it.

Ransomware authors continue improving file-encrypting programs and infection methods for Windows and Android, making these nightmarish attacks harder to avoid.

German federal police are warning about a computer virus that accuses victims of viewing "juvenile pornography".