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Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 WiFi Router Review (my addendum version of the review)

This is one of those guides that you never really think of reading. The only time you actually think of reading one of these types of guides is when you're trying to troubleshoot your system and you've checked everything, and I mean everything, and then it's kind of dawns on you that "hey, maybe it's my memory."

If you are a small (and I mean small) business and need what a medium business has in-house or need to just be with others like yourself, this might be for you. I'm seriously considering joining as I have been thinking about getting my business off the ground myself but I need people around me who I can learn from. 

Boy... I tell ya... I'm not sure MS has done enough to get people to buy this. BUT, I can say with confidence if you are a 'worker' and not a 'player or gamer' this platform might be exactly what you need.

My Experience: 19 years in the IT industry as a Systems Administrator. I have worked for the largest companies on the planet (IBM, HP, Intel) and then did 10 years in the start-up world. I know how to put a network together. I know what works and I know when it doesn't.

I cannot tell you how many SMB's complain about this exact problem!

The last time I came across a Technology this cool, the site adopted the company. That company was Connectify and I still believe that software should win best product for 2013. I freaking LOVE that product!

Hmmm... a pretty good idea using this device for presentations.