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Well, it's almost here but I was graced by the folks at Snag-It with an advanced copy. I just want to thank the kind folks at Snag-It for the gracious offer.

This is one of those utilities I will be installing on ANY PC I own. As you all know MS stores every freaking patch on your C:\ drive in use or not.

Yesterday I put up a link to the Nirsoft Software package which shows (and can execute) all the utilities Nirsoft has to offer. I love Nitsoft utilities as a few of them have saved my bacon more than once.

So, as you all know I am not a fan of any Malware writer but I do have to give props where props are due. I mean, come on....Fireball Malware...even you have to admit that's a cool name.

Some of the best utilities on the Internet and all free. I LOVE the Blue Screen Viewer! 

Every once in a while, I throw-up a piece of software or utility for a specific set of folks.

This is for those with PowerShell knowledge and knows how to use PowerShell. You need to be able to load and execute the modules and know what the PowerShell module does. Particularly useful for computers running core edition. 

This is an interesting piece of software. It allows those who run the Starter Edition, Home, and Home Premium editions of Windows, supposedly, access to the GROUP Policy area of the OS. Interesting. 

Nice! I love me some Wireshark in the morning! Makes me feel'y inside.

When Windows 10 first came out, a lot of fo people were quite upset about how much information Windows 10 presented back to MS.

I believe almost everyone has an SSD. This utility can help you optimize your SSD and maybe even give you a little more performance. 

This is one of those utilities you would download and, then, put aside for future use. I grabbed it.

I use this for my daughters PC at least once a year. Very handy. Major also offers a video tuturial on how to use it which might help those who have not used it before. my kids would love this!

Recently I just put in a BlueRay player into my PC. I never really watch movies on my PC as I can stream just about anything over the "Inter-Tubes" I would like to watch.