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Recently I just put in a BlueRay player into my PC. I never really watch movies on my PC as I can stream just about anything over the "Inter-Tubes" I would like to watch.

Come on now...who doesn't love some Wireshark in the morning? 

Huh...I'm sure someone would like to try it.

After last weeks security update I'm sure this addresses other issues users of VirtualBox will want to get installed ASAP.

Wow! Some of these I had never even heard of. I'm looking at a couple of them now.

This is a critical update and everyone who runs VirtualBox should update to this version.

Damn! I have to give this a look. I could use this.

This new Windows 10 update coming in April is really starting to look like a full upgrade across the board.

This is one of those utilties that has been around about as long as I have. It's used in all sorts of computers around the world and can REALLY help out when the old DNS is not working or setup correctly. VERY Old School, but still works like a charm.

Like a lot of people I record my Windows screen at LEAST a few times a week. I find it extremely helpful to show people how to do something or fix a problem. I send them one file, they can watch it as much as they like, pause it, rewind, etc... 

I, like i believe a lot of you, use multiple browsers and syncing all my bookmarks across those browsers has always been a...well...let's just say it: a pain in a***! 

No kidding. Hmmmm...I'll play.

Nice! Just updated mine!

No kidding. Damn...paint has grown up a bit. Holy cow!

Now THIS is something I can use!