Windows Bookmark Manager Linkman 8.99 Offers Seamless Internet Bookmark Synchronization Across Windows Web Browsers and Computers

I, like i believe a lot of you, use multiple browsers and syncing all my bookmarks across those browsers has always been a...well...let's just say it: a pain in a***! 

This little utility looks like something I might try. 

Now, the article I am referencing is a "release FAQ" from the company but what caught my eye was the statement: "Outertech's popular windows bookmark manager software has been updated to provide improved compatibility with Windows 10 anniversary update." 

Linkman stores your Internet bookmarks in local, fast (instant searches on 100.000 and more bookmarks), easily backup-able XML databases.

Linkman bookmarks can be accessed in all major Windows web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Linkman's XML bookmark databases can be optionally synchronized among computers with built-in support for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, and other synchronization service providers.

Linkman Lite is available to private and educational users at no charge. Linkman Pro, its commercial, more advanced counterpart starts at $24.95 for a single computer. 

See what you think. Go here and decide for yourself.

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