Free software to monitor System Performance & Resources in Windows 10/8/7

Wow! Some of these I had never even heard of. I'm looking at a couple of them now.

However, high-end our Windows PC might be, it is common for Windows users to complain about the sluggishness of the system. While in some cases the sluggishness might be due to the low specced hardware, in most other cases it could be something else. Like other things, the Windows operating system needs to be taken care of and serviced regularly.

One can start by deleting the temporary files, defragment the disks, uninstall the unused programs and generally follow these tips to improve Windows performance. But before doing all that one needs to understand the Achilles heel or simply the area wherein the PC is lacking grunt and act accordingly. We at Windows Club have painstakingly curated a bunch of system performance monitoring tools that will help monitor computing resources. 

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