Snag-It 2018 - Best Screen Capture Tool - PERIOD!

Well, it's almost here but I was graced by the folks at Snag-It with an advanced copy. I just want to thank the kind folks at Snag-It for the gracious offer.

Snag It 18 - A 64 bit screen capture tool (the 64 bit is brand new!) that can do it all. Screen capture. Screen recording. Captured web page manipulation (you Marketing and Design folks will love that!) and my new favorite: captured image screen text copy and save. That new feature is one of those features, when you see it, you just go "now that's cool!" 

I have been a Snag-It user for years (and have paid for every version but the last two!). This is my one and only screen capture utility. I have always appreciated how every version of Snag-It seems to advance itself in ways that make me want to upgrade and this version is no different. My favorite part of Snag-It is the quick video capture. I cannot tell you how many times I use that feature to show errors to colleagues instead of trying to explain to them in an email what I am talking about. It's quick, SMALL in size (so the email systems don't choke on it) and it SHOWS the other engineers exactly what I am talking about. Other Engineers have actually said "I really appreciate the video. Makes things a lot easier to understand." See! Who's a Team Player? THIS GUY!

I love (in the new 2018 version) the new reduced CPU and overhead. This tells me the DEV's and the Engineers really took a look at the code from the bottom up and not only added new features but stacked those features on a better, more stable and reliable, code base. That's not really seen a lot these days. 

I also really love the new features added to the editor. The Text capture (head blown when I saw them demo it), web page manipulation (demonstrated in the video below - so cool!), and the other enhancements to the already existing functionality this full featured editor offers really stand out in the new version. It even "feels" a bit quicker". Heck, it even makes GIF's well...better....for those who love to make...well...GIF's. I have to admit, I have made a couple and I find them extremely funny but, with my sense of humor, they are kept in the family. Trust me, I did you a favor.

However, instead of me just sitting here throwing up screen shots with arrows, how about a video from the Snag-It folks themselves showing you some of the really cool features 2018 has to offer. No joke, the new text copy image capture is something I will be using A LOT and when you see them capture and paste it into Excel, don't be holding hot coffee! 

Oh, and before I forget, you MAC folks are getting the upgrade and new functionality as well. I'm actually kind of jealous as us Windows users have to wait a bit for one of the new feature upgrades. 

So, check out the video - Click Here - or, watch it below. I'm telling you, you'll want this. A robust screen capture utility AND screen recorder, with an Editor, sign me up. 


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