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Nice! Just updated mine!

Start Menu Reviver

Do you like boy bands? Well then you might like this.

These links are pretty much all over the web.

If you are a lover, as I am, of the virtualized world but simply cannot afford the steep price of the VMWare Workstation then this is one hell of an alternative.

Skype (download)

Sweet! Got mine! 

Ua know... for those who love ISO's!

Opera 12.15 15.0 Build 1147.56 Beta 1

Hmmm... might be worth another look. The first one was more like and Aplha.

Digital Home Server (free)

We've been following this for a while now and you all seem to like it a lot.

BlueScreenView 1.50

Updated for the masses. This piece of sofware, basically lets you look inside the blue screen you received (via the log files) and see pretty much what happned and what might have caused the issue to occure. 

Network Monitor II 18.0

This is the update for the the 17.x series.