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Nice! Just updated mine!

Now THIS is something I can use!

Boost speeds on busy PCs with Project Mercury

This is one of those pieces of software where I can see why it would help systems that are overloaded. This is NOT for someone who thinks their Outlook is slow and wants to make it faster! It's for systems that are overloaded and need some help prioritizing CPU and Memory. 

UltraSearch - Freeware

I ran across this little tool and thought I would give it a try. I could really use this at work.

Windows ISO downloader

Hey, why not!

This might be something, especailly you SMB's, might be interested in checking out.

Hmmm...might come in handy.

Personal Backup

Very cool! This backup program will allow you backup your files, pretty much anywhere, allowing them to be safe and sound for the long haul. Oh... and it's free!

So, most you (since you visit this site often) already know about most of these programs but, at the same time if you or a loved one got a new PC or laptop this holiday you might want to check out some of these programs.

Damn... no brainer... upgrading now.