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I just got my daily Amazon "give us more money" email and with this one they might get some of it. Of note in this sale are two things I think I am going to get: 

1K off select PC's? Must cost a fourtune in the first place.

Why are you still here? 
Go...this way!

Um... I might get one.

Two days only! I post this for those who are now looking at their mouse wonder aloud "hmmm... I wonder of this can be used as a beer opener?" A backup mouse is ALWAYS appreciated.

I cannot even begin to tell you how mugh I have used this program over the last 6 months.

Today only folks! If you have an XBOX One and want these two games for the price of one of them, well... today is your lucky day!

Yeeeaaahhhh....I'm broke so...good luck to those who have cash left.

Uh... I need nothing else. You?

No joke folks! has this one sale for the next 12 hours only! That's 1TB of SSD MADNESS for under 200.00. DAMN! Again, this is good for 12 hours only!

I have been waiting for these deals for at least a year! Now I'm getting one!

DAMN! This is a hell of a deal! XBOX Live AND Office 365 for 145.00 per year? S**** SIGN ME THE HELL UP!

WOW! I could use a new Surface Pro 4. But... that'll be next year.

Damn... has me thinking about getting one.
Check out the tech deal here!

This is for the 2013 bundle but, still for 11.00 (going rate as of now) you might want to consider this!