Hot Seat

Teenaged Andrea uses a male stripper to gain the respect of cool girl Daphne. Based on a true story.

'Hot Seat' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here:

Written and Directed by Anna Kerrigan
Produced by Ashley Springer, Kati Rediger and Anna Kerrigan

Jess Gabor
Byron Quiros
Carmela Zumbado
Carmen Hodgson


Smelly Socks 3.1 is, unrotunately, the one and only Smelly Socks webisode this year. Simply for two reasons: We have zero budget for this and Daniel hurt his knee. But this doesen´t mean Smelly Socks are done! We tried hard and made at least one this year. And we will try even harder to bring you more Smelly Socks edits in upcoming season, so don´t be sad and stay tunned!

This particular time for 3.1, we visited Absolut park Flachauwinkl in Austria. Daniel, Antti and Martin drove with Dan´s sketchy 1998 VW Golf literally overloaded with all kinds of classic shit like bags, skis, filming equipment...But also pretty gross shit, like a mixture of candies and leftover snacks on the floor, which at some point, mixed with melted snow, became some sort of nasty „candysauce“ as we called it, while Martin was constantly complaining about Daniel driving too fast and too furious. We drove about 6 hours from Czech Republic to Flachau where we all stayed at Matthias Krallinger´s amazing house in the middle of the mountain – he even has his own miniramp in a basement, where we had nice afternoon sessions after skiing with beers and a good music.

Overally we had 4 days to film the edit. But as it usually is the weather didn´t really cooperate, so we had 1 day off and stayed home. That left us 3 days to work with. Unlike the bummer day at home, those other days luckily worked out perfectly for us! We had 2 days of sun that we used in a park and even one deep powder day! Where Daniel and Antti tried to be like The Big Picture guys and hit cliffs and stuff on their centermounted park skis, doin countless tomahawks, calling it the best day at work ever pretty much after each hit. At this point we were also joined by everyones favourite Zuzička Stromkova, and she was sending the cliffs with dem boyz like there´s no tomorrow leaving Daniel and Antti speechless! Daniel dropped his first cliff ever in his life and Antti was killing it as usually on his 1.0s - for example his massive nosebudda dub 10 out off totally fucking nowhere speaks for itself. The rest of it you´ll see in the webisode. So sit comfy, blast your volume and enjoy the rock´n´roll!

We would like to thank:

You as an audience – without you, we wouldn´t be able to make these.

Matthias Krallinger and his family for letting the smelly crew stay at his place.

Berndt Egger – Absolut Park manager

Martin Bernard for doin this because of his passion.

The crew for amazing experience and everyone else we´ve met and skied with!

Cover photo: Erik Tomasak
Music: Thee Oh Sees - Contraption-Soul Desert
Filming and editing:

Girl Boxer

Jesselyn Silva is only 10 years old, but she's already in the ring. By Emily Sheskin. Read the story here:

In Panama - 2017

A 3-week journey through Panama, from the Carribean island paradise of Bocas Del Toro through the lush mountain areas around Boquete all the way up to Volcan Baru, further South, from the Azuero peninsula on the Pacific to El Valle De Anton and back to the sprawl of Panama City where the Canal connects two oceans.
While shooting a series of short commercials for Visit Panama we captured whatever we found on the trip to put together this collection of moments & sounds.

Directed by: Vincent Urban
Camera by: Clemens Krüger, Max Neumeier, Vincent Urban
Edit & Sounddesign by: Vincent Urban
Grading by: Maria Carretero

Vessels - "4am"

Shot with RED Dragon, Sony a7s Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III

1000 Thanks to:
Jorge / Tom @ Slim Productions, Victor / Gustavo / Miriam / Jorge / Charlo / Angel @ LCAProductions, Ben / Lara / Tim / Sean / Nick/ Samantha @ VML, Christine / Lauren / Jojo @ Whitehouse Post, Casey / Maria @ CarbonVFX, Visit Panama (ATP)
and of course Maria, Maria, Juan, Allen, all the wonderful people of Panama and the cutest actor, Clementine the Sloth!

Perfectly Normal

I was introduced to Jordan, the effervescent subject of this Op-Doc, by a mutual friend; we met for lunch at his favorite deli in Los Angeles, where we live. That day, we waded through a getting-to-know-you conversation that somehow felt both more awkward and less awkward than most of its kind. Jordan has Asperger’s syndrome, and so he often gets pulled into his own world, one that can seem chaotic and isolated from ours. But he has learned to make deliberate choices to stay present in reality.

I found myself pleasantly surprised by the quick-witted middle-aged man having lunch across from me. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies, and a strikingly clever sense of humor. So I was intrigued. The lunch became the first of many meetings we shared over the course of many months, before we started filming this Op-Doc more than a year later.

Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, which is often considered a high-functioning form of autism, can manifest through a wide spectrum of symptoms; the severity and range of consequences vary depending on the individual. Sometimes these symptoms are barely noticeable, but on the other hand, around 40 percent of autistic children do not speak. (Symptoms often lessen by adulthood.)

In Jordan’s case, he lives independently, holds a job, and manages his own personal finances. He has a relationship with a woman named Toni who has multiple disabilities herself. But more importantly, he is self-aware, self-accepting, caring, with a strong ability to analyze and speak about his condition with others. He understands how he is different, and he has created a coping mechanism for himself that enables him to function in society and pursue his interests in the arts as an escape when it all becomes too much for him. It is these qualities that I wanted to emphasize in this film. I wanted Jordan himself to tell us his story instead of it being formulated out of impressions from the perspective of an outsider. A strong self-advocate, Jordan argues that he is not a disabled person, but merely a person with a disability. Someone from whom those he calls “normal people” could learn. Besides, he will argue, “everybody is not completely normal” anyway.

So much more research and support is needed to enable people with autism. There are no limits to what beautiful minds like Jordan’s can help us make of this world.

Official Selection SXSW Film Festival 2017.
Official Selection Camerimage Film Festival 2016.
Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017.
Official Selection Cinequest International Film & VR Festival 2017. (Winner Best Short Documentary)
Official Selection Oxford International Film Festival 2017.
Official Selection Raw Film Festival 2017.
Official Selection Athens Film + Video Festival 2017.
Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival 2017.


A lion helps a little boy build a better boat and get back home.

Here is my fourth year film at CalArts! It was animated completely in Maya. Huge thanks to Phil Rynda, Andrew Chesworth, Dariush Derakhshani, my voice actor Joe Whyte, and my composer Gage Bruce for making this all come together.

Watch other films made by my classmates:

Cat City

sound design by josh yeung

music by ask my bull, recorded by josh yeung

ty jonni, isabel, & aster for voice


Here is my fourth and final film at CalArts!

Director: Aram Sarkisian
Cast: Winston - Matt Kelly
Story by: Aram Sarkisian
Written by: Gabby Capili, Aram Sarkisian
Writing Consultant: Caleb Roitz
Composer: Jacob Shrum
Music Sampling Engineer: Drew Denton
Sound Design: Ben Huff

Make sure to check out other films made by my classmates!

A Sense of Wonder

A vast silence swallows the sound. A kingdom of mountains rise majestically toward the heavens. A call of the wild to a wandering soul.

Directed, filmed & edited by

Mathieu Le Lay

Music by

Franck Zaragoza - Ocoeur

Audio mix by
Laurent Mollard - Gaïné Studio

Words by

Benjamin Dowie

© Mathieu Le Lay - 2017

How Nature Documentaries Are Fake

Everyone loves BBC's Planet Earth, but how much of it is real?

More videos:
Host and Creator - Simon Cade
Assistant Editor - Jamie McKernan

Graded with FilmConvert - 10% off:
(I earn a commission from purchases ^^)

CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //

Colorscope - White - CNN

The Dark Truth Behind White

Working with CNN I directed and animated an episode of Colorscope, a series exploring the secret truths behind colour.

Client - CNN
Production - Sarah-Grace Mankarious
Direction / Animation - Jocie Juritz
Writing / Narration - Dr James Fox

【360° Movie】Tokyo Light Odyssey (Full)

About the Work
From the lights of skyscrapers and homes, to the neon street lights and headlamps of cars and trains in motion… fragments of the city float like stardust out of the darkness against the curtain of the night sky. This new vision of Tokyo is explored with omnidirectional motion graphics.

This work was born from ‘Beyond Motion Graphics’ ( ) an internal company project at WOW aimed at exploring new possibilities for motion graphics. In using VR technology, consideration was given as to what kind of images to showcase and express as pieces of art.


本作は、モーショングラフィックスの新たな可能性を問うWOWの社内プロジェクト「Beyond Motion Graphics」( )から誕生。VRの技術的側面に加え、それによって切り拓かれるべき映像=アートとしての表現性に注目した。

Art Director / Designer:Nakazi Takuma, Moriwaki Daisuke, Kudo Kaoru
Designer:Miyajima Tsutomu, Kojima Kazunori, Makino Shigeru, Sasaki Takuma, Kitabatake Ryo, Takagishi Hiroshi, Tanaka Kenji, Horai Misaki

One Week In April

On average, a toddler in the U.S. shoots himself or someone else once a week. Some weeks are different.

Directed by Matthew Palmer
Produced by Matthew Palmer and Brian Gagliardi
In Association with RYOT Films
Cinematographer: Edgar Dubrovskiy
Edited by Matthew Palmer
Music by Raffertie
Executive Producer: Hayley Pappas
Executive Producer: Bryn Mooser
Associate Producer: David Lane
Colorist: Jason Moffat
Re-recording Mixer: Timothy O'Malley
Special thanks to everyone involved, particularly the family members of Kiyan, Sha'Quille, Za'veon, and Holston.


Professional bull rider Cody Campbell reaches a breaking point in his career.


Director/Editor: Jesse Rosten |
Director of Photography: Matt Jeppsen |
AC: Cameron Carey
Grip/Electric: Sasquatch Lighting
Phantom Tech: Daniel Hurst
Sound: Derek Ecklund
Music written and performed by: Robin Dupuy |
Sound Design: Nick Nylen |
Color: Martin Melnick | Treehouse Post

Special thanks to Michael Mace at Mossyrock Cattle Company, David Danton, Braiden & Colt Johnson, JT Marshell, and Jace Catlin.

Extra special thanks to Koerner Camera for the lenses

Declan McKenna - Brazil

Taz Tron Delix directs for Declan McKenna's Brazil

Exec Prod: Kiran Mandla
Producer: Nick Hayes
D.O.P: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Commissioner: Laura Clayton
1st AD: Ty Hack
1st AC: Jack Exton
Camera trainee: Andi Beqiri
Grip :Ben Freeman
Gaffer: Pete Bishop (filmmaker)
Spark c/o: Denmark Studios
Spark :Ana Krkljus
MUA :Lisa Chau
Art Director: Elizabeth El-Kadhi
Art Dept: Jay El-Kadhi
Art Dept: Jack Martin
Runner: Madeleine Wilson
Post Production Assistant: Jonathan Shaw Di-Doi
And Special thanks to Anis Ali for mountains & landscape photos


Short film ~
Sara is done with the party, but the party ain't done with Sara.
Selected for Competition at Palm Springs, Premiers Plans Angers, London Short IFF and Cinefest amongst other..

Production company: OAK MOTION PICTURES -
Producer: Trent
Writer & director: Charlotte Scott-Wilson Cinematography: Paul Ozgur Editor: Godelinde Pollmann Sound design: Tom Jansen Production design: Anne van't Hek Costume: Rianne Mertens Poster design: Teddy Mathias

Why I drink

A comment on mind altering substances.

Written & Directed by Ben Fitzgerald
Cinematography by Jake Hunter
1st AC Miller Best
2nd AC Sam Powyer
Sound by Billy Guest
Stylist Isabella Mamas
Make Up & Hair by Sophia Mouftakir
Animal Wrangler Isabella Rodger

CAST: in order of appearance
Shelby Hamilton
Ruby Veliks
Ross Sinclair
Ross Howe
Miles Harold
Hugh Harold
Angus Harold
Tom Loveder

Shot on Kodak 16mm film

In association with EXIT Films

La Caverna

La Caverna is an self-initiated project.

A 2d animation inspired by Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and surrealism; both a quest for the truth and the acceptance of the illusion we live in.


Direction: Hello Savants!
Animation and illustration: Hello Savants!
Composition and sound design: Massimo Cervini - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //
Mastering: Umberto Ugoberti -

Johnny Physical Lives

'Johnny Physical Lives' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here:

Written, produced and directed by Joshua Neuman
Produced, edited and cinematography by Pete Lee
Animation by
Additional footage by Albert Maysles
Executive producers: Edet Belzberg and Trevor Hall
Co-producers: Kimya Dawson and Jeremy Wang-Iverson


"Images in popular culture still relegate pole dancing to the status of provocative ornament.
The perception is not that of an athlete, rather of a calendar girl or sexual fantasy. While I didn’t intend to shame its sexualized form, I wanted to show the sacrifice, commitment, and determination required to become a top-ranked competitive pole dancer.”

Writer/Director // Francesco Calabrese
DP // Mauro Chiarello
Editor // Marcello Sanna
Music // Mark Yaeger
Pole Dancer // Anna-Maija Nyman
VoiceOver & Still Photography // Elis Jolie
Sound // Chris Blake @OperaMusic
Color // Orash Rahnema @IggyPost
Styling // Yosephine Melfi
Prod Design // Alice Rocchetta
Makeup & Hair // Diana DeVita
Production // Section 80
in collaboration with Bravò
Ex. Producer // Marco Orlando
Producer // Caterina Colombo
Casting // Filippo Bernabei

Premiered on NOWNESS

Preserving One Square Inch of Silence

Gordon Hempton is on a personal quest to preserve silence in nature. The “sound-tracker” circles the globe recording vanishing sounds, including the most elusive one of all: silence. In 2005, Hempton resolved to find the quietest place in Washington's Hoh rainforest, itself a haven of silence. According to Hempton, the area he found is precisely one square inch. But that little area of quiet—which holds incredible value for the Earth—is endangered. Now, Hempton is determined to protect it from noise pollution like overpassing jets, lest we lose one of our country’s last remaining silent places.

Hollywood's Greatest Trick

Visual effects artists are responsible for some of the most iconic moments in movie history. The top 10 highest grossing films of 2016 all contained computer generated imagery. But while Hollywood's profits grow, visual effects artists struggle for fair pay, representation and recognition beyond the most prestigious award in film — an Oscar.

Read more here:


Story of Terry and Becky Sexton

Music: Daughter
Director: Salomon Ligthelm
Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
Story: Salomon Ligthelm + Khalid Mohtaseb
Producer: Jens Jacob
Executive Producers: Khalid Mohtaseb, Salomon Ligthelm, Jens Jacob
Line Producer: Cara Venter
Production Designer: Joe Scaccia
1st AC/Additional Photography: Mobolaji 'Mobi' Olaoniye
Steadicam Operator: Andrew Ansnick
Gaffer: Brad Burke
Key Grip: Keitaro 'Johnny' Cloward
2nd AC: Otter Moore
Production Coordinator & Location Manager: Manuel Ruiz
Editing: Matt Osborne
Additional Editing: Salomon Ligthelm
Sound Design: Q Department
Talent: Terry and Becky Sexton
Production Company: Sibling, Sypher Films

Special Thanks to:
Panavision Hollywood & Panavision NYC
Nova Lighting (Jeff Ferraro)
Bulldog Grip (Derrik Armand)
Kessler Crane
BBS Lighting
Redefine Rentals
Shot on Kodak 35mm

Bernard Kerr - Queenstown Dreaming

Bernard Kerr spends his winter down in the southern side of the world preparing for his Crankworx and World Cup season. In this new edit, he hits iconic locations around town and the infamous and newly revamped Dream Track.

Music: Evil Ebenezer - Sunshine

Field of Vision - The Moderators

In an office in India, a cadre of Internet moderators ensures that social media sites are not taken over by bots, scammers, and pornographers. The Moderators shows the humans behind content moderation, taking viewers into the training process that workers go through in order to become social media’s monitors.

Directed by Ciaran Cassidy and Adrian Chen

See more from Field of Vision here:

Deer Squad | Scenery

Meet Kelvin and his best friend Money the deer.

Thanks to Public Cinema Club
Composer: Hot Sugar

Hokkaido Calling

“Is it possible to stand where no one has before?.”
In search for the less obvious, Sam Smoothy Jeremie Heitz and Dane Tudor set out to explore Hokkaido, an island with over 15 metres of annual snowfall. And in looking for something different, they found something else.

We are excited to release our latest collaboration with Audi Canada.
More info can be found here:


A kewl teen, a pastel bedroom, and 8 short-short song snippets. Commissioned by Disney for their Microcontent program. :)
Track 3 inspired by Disney XD's Star Vs The Forces of Evil
Tracks 4 & 7 inspired by Disney Channel's Bizaardvark
Track 8 inspired by Disney Channel's Stuck In The Middle
CD: Vincent Aricco
Production Manager: Jaycen Armstrong
Production Assistant: David Krenz


Camera and edit: Jonas Kisielius
Music: XXYYXX - Red
Equipment: Sony a7sII, Comlite adapter, Canon 24-70mm f2.8I, Manfrotto tripod and hands.
Helsingborg, Sweden 2017

Yopo - Motion Poetry

A Film by: Method Design
Directed by: Ivan Girard
Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
Executive Producer: Angela Lupo
Producers: Emily Schaeberle, Adrienne Mitchell, Heather Saunders
Coordinator: Elias Bermudez
CG Lead: Sari Rodrig
Animators: Matt Hackett, Will Robinson, Sean Curran, Carlos Sandoval, Paul Wei, Sam Crees
Rigging: Ohan Bracha, Frank Naranjo
Modelers: Brian Di Noto, Orges Kokoshari, Piotr Glabinski, Ohad Bracha
Lighters: Claire Yawen Chang, Hubert Wozniak, Kevin Lu, Michael Marsek, Eric Xi
FX Lead: Tomas Slancik
FX Artists: Zach Lewis, Jeongyeon Son, Vraja Parra
Compositing Lead: Robert Nick Dauphinais
Compositing: Dave Chen, Urpsh Otashevich

Motion Poems:
Executive Producers: Todd Boss, Egg Creative, Lisa Effuses

“Monsters” by: Dorothea Lasky
“Monsters” by Dorothea Lasky, from Awe. Copyright © 2007 by Dorothea Lasky. Reprinted by permission of Wave Books.

Sound Recoded at: Digital Island Studios
Voice over: Isabel Guerrero
Original Score: Don Fierro & Emily Hope Price
Sound Design: Don Fierro
Cellist: Emily Hope Price

Halsey | Now or Never

Director: Sing J Lee & Halsey
Executive Producer: Laura Jones @ Partizan
Producer: Laure Salgon & Targa Sahyoun
Line Producer, Mexico: Fuad Abed Dalton
1st AD: Miguel Necoechea
2nd AD: Thomas Rétif
Cinematographer: Kristof Brandl
Production Designer: Fernanda Guerrero
Editor: Ryan Beck @ Final Cut

Colorist: Houmam Abdallah @ MPC
VFX: Absolute Post
Sound Design: Patrick Navarre @ Barking Owl

Cast :

Luna - Halsey
Solis - Don Lee
The Father - Rodrigo Zoydo
Mercutio - Joel Islas
Tybalt - Paula Corinalesi