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Download away!

I love how Microsoft is embracing Open Source with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Creators update expands this integration even further.

Honestly, I was wondering about that. Now I know and so do you. like the old "Service Packs". Nice.

Ruh-Roh. Sounds like I need to make sure the "lady" is enabled.

WOW! You better hurry up and upgrade! 

Welp, you all knew it was coming and's here.

Tomorrow, 4-11-17 is the day. The day you ALL have been waiting for. Yep, the Windows Creator Update will drop and your network will be saturated as the download makes its way to your hard drive.

It sure does. We STILL have some systems that require Windows XP due to the software it runs has no updates.

For the brave at heart, feel free. As usual, with updates of this size, I'll let "others" tell me what's wrong and then wait for a fix. I will, however, try it in a VM. I am, after all, very curious.

Anyone still using Vista? Anyone?

So....let me get this straight. Two months with no patches THEN you release a 195+ MB Security patch that, so far, has bricked Microsoft Dynamics, and some Windows 10 systems. To top it off, you have now blocked Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 from receiving updates on newer processors. Is Al Capon now running the company? WoW!

Everyone calm down....calm down. Microsoft knows what's best for you and you should blindly trust whatever MS applies to your system.

Huh...I can see using this at night.