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Anyone still using Vista? Anyone?

So....let me get this straight. Two months with no patches THEN you release a 195+ MB Security patch that, so far, has bricked Microsoft Dynamics, and some Windows 10 systems. To top it off, you have now blocked Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 from receiving updates on newer processors. Is Al Capon now running the company? WoW!

Everyone calm down....calm down. Microsoft knows what's best for you and you should blindly trust whatever MS applies to your system.

Huh...I can see using this at night. kidding. Guess you holdouts better upgrade. 

Again, this is not an update but a "reimagining" of the OS from the top-down. Period.

Windows 7 will around until 2020? Sweet!

Seriously...what's NOT being updated!

I'm telling ya'll, I think we need to stop calling this next version of Windows 10 an "update". It sure seems to me this is a new OS!

Well now, that was nice of them. 

If you are interested in seeing what all the talk about is, you can get the new build now from the Windows Insider Fast Ring.

A LOT of people still seem to be using Windows 7 but keeping it up to date can be a hassle. The folks at MS have released a guide (slash) Convenience Update Roll-up for all you Windows 7 users who need to build new.

MS has been putting these out for a while now but, it seems, this new build now includes a lot of what others (including MS itself) have been babbling about for a while but was not available to the public to see. It seems this build is really starting to come together and it packs some pretty cool features.

Ummm...not sure I like this but I'm sure the SMB's and Enterprise folks will.

Huh...seems to me MS is adding more "emoji" type of stuff to the Windows OS. We'll see.