How to enable the Windows 10 dark theme – and why

Huh...I can see using this at night.

The Windows 10 Anniversary update introduced last year brought a few new tricks, some that have proved very useful. One of these is the new Dark theme that takes all the apps in Windows 10 and gives them a bit of a makeover at the click of a button.

What does it do?

The dark theme in Windows will get rid of some of the glaring white and bright backgrounds for the operating system.

Maybe you like using your laptop late at night or in low light without burning your retinas out. Maybe it’s an aesthetic preference. Some people feel it’s less stressful on the eyes working for long periods of time with a darker theme. Whatever the reason, it’s nice that Microsoft is offering an easy option for this.

Enabling the dark theme in Windows 10 used to require a bit of messing around with the registry, but these days the process is as simple as toggling it on from the settings menu. 

Check out how here.

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