Windows Creator Update - Pre-Prep Plans

Tomorrow, 4-11-17 is the day. The day you ALL have been waiting for. Yep, the Windows Creator Update will drop and your network will be saturated as the download makes its way to your hard drive.

This article describes what I am going to be doing to prepare for the Windows Creator Update and provide some instructions for those who might be like myself and would like to get ready for the update.

It's really not that hard but I want to make sure I am protected so if something goes awry when I do decide to install it, I can at least get back to where I started and troubleshoot from there. 

Make Room 

This will be a LARGE update and you need to make sure you have enough room for the update. 

I would happen a guess you would need at least 15GB of available free space for the download, back-up of the files being replaced, and the extraction of the download, then, of course, the install of all the new features. 

- Run CCLeaner and get rid of all the stuff you don't need. If you do not have CCleaner - click here - and grab the FREE one. Install it and run it. If you have never done this before you will be shocked at the amount of space you will recover.
- Go to your Downloads folder (or any other folder you happen to store your downloads in) and either delete or, move to another drive, any and all files you do not require or need to save.


I beat the drums on this all the time on the site. I live by my backups. I cannot tell you how many times I have been saved because I had a backup on hand. 

Create a FULL Image of my C: drive - To do this, I use Acronis 2017 (click here to check them out). I will be running it this evening before all this mayhem starts just in case MS decides it wants to download this to my PC (more on why I say "download to my PC" later). 

Having a full image of my C: drive is terrific. I create three images

I create three images: 

- One at the first of each month. I hold onto that image for the entire month stored on an external USB drive. 
- 2 rotating images usually created every 24-48 hours. I do this in case one of the images is corrupted. If it is, I can attempt to use the other image to restore my system. 

Using Windows Backup 

For those who do not have the funds or simply do not want to purchase another product, you can always use Windows 10 built-in backup program. 

To use the Windows 10 backup program for file level (file changes) backup. 

- Click the Windows button and type into the search box “File History.” The menu should bring up “Backup Settings” automatically; click to open it. 

w10 back file 1

- As you can see, mine is not enabled (as I said, I use Acronis for my backups). 

w10 back file 3
- Select "Add a Drive" and follow the Wizard. 
**Please note - Windows cannot backup to itself. You DO need an external, and I would say at least 1TB USB drive. 

Windows 10 FULL backup 

This is Windows 10 version of a "full/image" backup 

- Control Panel - "Backup and Restore" 

w10 back file 2 

- Select "Set up backup" and follow the wizard. 

**Note: again, Windows cannot back-up to itself, meaning you need an external storage of some sort (USB, NAS, Cloud, etc...) attached to the system for this to work. 

Don't Have Time For All That! 

If you happen to be one of those who does not have all the time to setup and do any sort of file level or full backup at the VERY least I recommended you at least copy the following folders to a couple storage service or, an external drive. 

- My Documents 
- My Music (or the folder you store your music in) 
- My Videos 
- Apple - this is where all your movies, purchased music, etc... resides. 
- Mobile Phone back-up folder (yeah... might need that).
- Any other folder(s) of importance. 

I realize this might seem a bit "extreme" but when was the last time you saw a 100% success rate with any substantial large (or even small) Windows OS update? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I Don't Want It At All! 

Tough! You are going to get it but you can delay it (which I am doing until I can read-up on what issues may arise). 

Remember above where I said "download to my PC?" Well, this is how I plan on delaying that until I get a larger C: drive. 

I currently have a 250GB drive but with all these updates, patches, and drivers, my C: drive is getting pretty full. Yes, I do clean it up the best I can but a larger drive would be nice instead of having to constantly watch my drive space. 

So, if you are like me and would like to delay it for up to 4 months, it's pretty simple to do: 

- Settings - Windows Update - Advanced Options 
- Check the box Defer Feature Updates 
- Close the Window. You should be good to go.

defer 1 

This will tell Windows Update "Ummm... not just yet". But the clock is ticking. You have 4 months TOPS. It will happen at some point. Just not right now. 

I hope this helps some of you out. I really do. This is a LARGE update and after 22 years in this business, I know when to just let the rest of the world figure it out especially with all the GUI changes I have been reading about. 


//Digital Dave//

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