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Let me paint you a picture: you're on a train flying through the French countryside, having a couple of cocktails and just enjoying your day. All of the sudden crazy man gets up and starts to unload an AK47 into the train. What do YOU DO?

I am such a huge Minion fan! I am so glad to see the movie did such huge box office!

Huh.... no kidding...

MS has been rocking the builds lately! I'm still stuck at 3 releases back! Windows update be a bit slow!

Just went and dropped some cash on some serious fireworks. Cannot wait until tonight!

Holy... SHIT! I watched this race and it was really exciting to see this horse just blow the rest of the field away. I never thought I would see a Tripp Crown winner in my life.

Cool! I need some new Bunny Slippers with headlights for my nightly bathroom trips.

My wife just read me this story and I was like..."They what! No way!"


Well...when you play with guns and kill people you get convicted of murder. The rule is the rule and just like a law, if you don't like it change it.

Man... this was horriable.

I put this up as I was a fan of his on ESPN.
He fought cancer 3 TIMES but lost his fight this morning.

Damn... looks like it's going to be a bad one this year!

I cannot even imagine what the parents are going through.